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Steven Tey

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Dub is the open-source link management platform for marketing teams to create marketing campaigns, link sharing features, and referral programs.

We pride ourselves on having a stellar design, world-class developer experience, and an obsession over our user experience.

Our product is used & loved by modern growth teams like Framer, Raycast, Perplexity, Vercel, and more.

Steven Tey
Steven Tey
Founder, CEO
Tim Wilson
Tim Wilson
Design Engineer

What is the master plan?

At Dub, we're building the link management software of the future.

Links are one of the most foundational pieces of the web. Every time you go online, chances are you'll interact with hundreds, if not thousands of URLs on any given day.

We're reimagining the role of links from being a simple "resource locator" (URL), to a full attribution engine – visualizing the user journey from the first click to the final conversion event.

To do that, we're starting with short links & QR codes, as well as our world-class analytics product. In the near future, we're planning to extend our link infrastructure to include features like referral management, as well as link-in-bio & deep links.

If this sounds interesting to you, we'd love for you to join us!

What are your team's proudest accomplishments?

On March 21, we launched Dub.co on Product Hunt and won #1 Product of the Month.