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Digital Scholar
West Falls Church, US
Solidarity, comrade.
Candor with care
Embrace challenges

Introduce us to your team

Committed to the responsible stewardship of critical open-source infrastructure for the digital humanities, we founded the nonprofit Corporation for Digital Scholarship in 2009 to develop and operate the business models for Omeka and Zotero. Having secured their long-term sustainability and independence, we have since helped launch and sustain a growing family of software projects, including Tropy, PressForward, and Sourcery.

The staff across all of these projects are dedicated to making the best open source software that we can to support the research and publishing needs of our users, who are mostly academic and public humanities experts and activists interested in saving and sharing cultural heritage materials.

What are your team rituals?

We're a distributed team, so we don't have a lot of shared rituals that extend across timezones. Those who are anchored onsite in Falls Church VA, do take lunch very seriously.

Otherwise, we work collaboratively and and collegially via Slack, Zoom, Github, and other shared documents.

Share an interesting side project from a team member

Gonna have to check on the side project status these days....