Software Engineer (Front-end)
Full time
Competitive salary
Flexible schedules
Employee equity
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Within 2 hours from: 🇺🇸 EST or 🇬🇧 GMT


What we are looking for?


We are currently looking for extraordinary talent.

We are looking for people with experience in building productivity tools.

We want people that are hands on and excited about pushing the frontier of where lowcode starts.

We would want you to have extensive knowledge in SaaS billing, management, and APIs.

But above all, we are looking for any extraordinary talent that fits broadly in these definitions.

You will


  • Develop open source libraries.

  • Implement rich no-code and low-code interactions alongside our designers

  • Work with the product team to make the process of manipulating data super simple for our users.

  • Craft well-documented, reusable, testable code.

  • Be responsible for creating a product that is fast, responsive, and accessible.

  • Be responsive for our Slate.js Notebook Implementation

You might be a good fit for this role if you


  • Feel comfortable building web applications.

  • Love learning.

  • Often find yourself reading some open source code cause you were curious on how it works.

  • Think that product, design, and software engineering go hand in hand.

  • Believe in building great experiences for users.

  • Care about accessibility and having products that are inclusive to all people.

  • Understand JS and ES6.

  • Have a good understanding of how modern packaging of JS applications work.

  • Love creating apps that work on web and mobile web.

  • Love creating little open source libraries that work both in the browser and server.

  • Love helping others grow in their jobs.

  • Have a good understanding of how to architect front end applications.

  • Love working alongside designers.

  • Are self-taught and have a continuous improvement mindset.

  • Feel comfortable with moving at fast pace with your team.

It's helpful, but not required, if you


  • Have experience with Slate.js

  • Love working with data

  • Have developed react and react native applications

  • Have built a JS text editor in the past

  • Worked in open source software before

  • Have experience working with Figma and Design Systems

  • Have experience with localisation and accessibility