Daybreak Studio

Daybreak Studio
Onsite or remote
Toronto, CASan Francisco, US

Introduce us to your team

Daybreak is an independent design studio creating opinionated software and expressive brands.

Daybreak never started as a studio.

At the height of the pandemic, amid mass layoffs, we started as a collaborative space for our talented friends to come together, have fun and make great work.

It’s been a wild ride since.

We now hold a strong foothold in tech. Great companies come to us for our expertise, craft and a deep understanding of culture.

As we scale sustainably we’re going to stay true our roots: a collaborative space for talented friends.

What are the biggest challenges facing your team?

We’ve taken some incredible steps forward in the past two years with many memorable highlights. However, our biggest moments here are always ahead of us. We’re currently working towards a few key milestones:

Growing sustainably

As it stands we’re currently fully booked till mid next year with some incredible projects lined up. We’re looking to intentionally scale to meet the demands of the industry without losing our culture or the quality of our work.

Toronto office

We’re opening up our office in Toronto for early 2023. We’re designing this space together to be a place we actually want to spend time in.

Investing in the lab

Since we also spend time on ideas that we have of our own, as we go into next year, we’re investing in some exciting new projects.

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