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Cubby Storage

Cubby Storage

Onsite or remote
New York City, USSofia, BG
1% better every day
Ship early and often
Strong opinions loosely held
Create delight
Focus on impact

What is the product you’re building?

Self-storage is a $50B industry and the fastest growing commercial real estate class. Yet, the tools available to owners for managing and scaling their businesses are slow and primitive.

At Cubby, we're dedicated to helping self-storage companies accelerate growth and maximize potential. We do this by crafting best-in-class tools specific to the quirks and nuances of the industry:

Bulletproof accounting — The most accurate books come from an accounting system that is capable of reflecting company policies as closely as possible. Generic accounting softwares cannot do this.

Revenue maximization — Highly intelligent and granular control over pricing strategy, rate management and the ability to look back at historical data.

World-class shopping experience — Renting a self-storage unit should be as easy as booking an Airbnb, because why not?

What does your team's product development process look like?

We're big believers of the Shape Up methodology and it has helped us to stay focused and ship quickly. We run 6-week cycles, 2 weeks sprints and regularly put together product pitches for prioritization. Our product strategy is informed by product research, customer engagement programs and design thinking.

What does your workplace look like?

We have two offices, one in FiDi NYC and another in Sofia, Bulgaria.