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Overview of Role

A brand designer at Companion is expected to be the driving force behind the ideation, creation and execution of branding projects at the studio.

You will work closely with all members of the team, including the digital designers and developers, to bring our clients visual worlds to life.

As a studio primarily focused in the digital space, we work with start-ups and established companies to take them from the seed of an idea through to the launch and delivery of that.

This could range from establishing a totally new company and brand, transforming a brand that’s a bit stuck in its traditional ways or working on design systems and graphical executions for experimental physical installations.

This position would currently not have direct full-time reports, but you would be expected to be involved in the interviewing and direction of any freelancers that are working on the brand phase of a project.

At Companion we have a very autonomous structure where everyone is trusted to create work that they are passionate about. You would ‘report’ to the Creative Director, but this would mostly be in the capacity of assurance and assistance, rather than micromanagement of projects.

Because we are a small team, we try not to introduce too much hierarchy into the studio for the time being. This is a role equivalent of 4+ years experience, but we are happy to hear from anyone that resonates with this description regardless of years of experience.


  • Developing creative work in collaboration with the team that is informed by strategic thinking

  • Setting and maintaining design standards for the team, with a particular focus on craft and visual expression

  • Leading on projects from the discovery phase through to the final delivery. This would involve planning workshops to create brand foundations, sketching conceptual routes to present to the client and then delivering on these sketches to launch.

  • Focusing on visual and creative execution, with motion, interactivity and graphic language/systems being your area of expertise.

  • Working with our collaborators and freelancers to ensure that the Companion spirit is always in the work we do (playful storytelling).

  • Working with the team to build positive, lasting relationships with our clients.


  • Experience and confidence in idea generation, with a strategic mind a great plus.

  • A broad visual style and ability to turn your hand to different aesthetics. We don’t have a particular kind of ‘look’ to our projects so this is key.

  • Experience using Figma and the Adobe Suite.

  • Animation & motion experience; both in direction and execution of assets.

  • An understanding of digital design processes and the ability to work with the digital designers to create coherent, expressive experiences.

  • A passion for craft & attention to detail.

  • Excellent communication skills.

  • Initiative! We’re a small, flexible team where everyone needs to be able to take initiative.

  • Being well organised and able to potentially juggle more than one project at a time.

Apply & Salary

The pay scale for this position is £35,000 - £60,000 per annum and it will be determined based on an individuals experience. Please note, if you are more design director level, please still get in touch — this can be discussed.

If you have any questions about the role(s), company or the work we do, please feel free to email us directly at hello@companion.studio.

All submissions will be looked at and reviewed. If there is an opportunity in the immediate future that we think matches, we will be in touch. If not, we will keep the submission on file until an opportunity does become available that we feel is right.

Unfortunately we are unable to provide specific feedback to candidates, but you may find this article on creative mentoring platforms useful if you are struggling to gather feedback on your work.

As part of our ongoing commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion we welcome applications from people of all backgrounds.

At this time, we're not open to working with a recruitment agency on this advert.