Be pragmatic
Bias towards action
Trust your intuition
Put the user first
Treat people right
Decide with feedback, not consensus

What is your team mission?

When we started Circuit five years ago, we saw an issue with last-mile delivery - it was too complicated and too stressful for drivers. Circuit started on a mission to change that – we chose to develop products that put the user first.

Circuit is filled with talented people who consider problems from the same customer-first mindset. We scrap accepted practices and instead approach solutions with pragmatism.

Join our team of 27+ people and get the excitement of a start-up without the binds of bureaucracy.

Introduce us to your team

We're a bootstrapped, remote-first company made up of a small group of super-experienced folks. This allows us to do things differently.

If you're curious, pragmatic, honest, and driven, we would love to meet you!

How does your team promote personal and career growth?

A transparent and competitive salary — available to see in the job description

100% remote – and have always been!

The opportunity to own shares in a profitable startup

Flexible working hours

Generous budget for tech and tools

Regular online social events

Yearly get-togethers (we’re off to Portugal in September!)

How does your team maintain a high bar for quality?

💙 We're customer-focused

We try to give our customers exactly what they need to do their job well - and nothing they don’t.

✌️ We're pragmatic

We make decisions from first principles and don't blindly accept the way things are done by most other companies.

🎓 We're experienced

Most of our team are senior folks. We make sure that they have minimal barriers to sign off and trust that they're capable of planning ahead and focusing on growth.

What are your team rituals?

📊 We’re bootstrapped…

And profitable – with almost no funding or outside investors, meaning we’re free to think about what will lead to the fastest long-term progress.

📣 We value open communication

We’re super transparent! Sharing everything openly and honestly — such as our plans, progress, risks, and successes — helps us to pull together as a team and work towards the same goal.

👎 We don’t do daily meetings

With semi-async working, we ditch the daily stand-ups and sprint rituals, leaving us more time to focus on delivering outstanding work.

🔍 We solve real customer problems

Our primary motivation is to help our customers succeed — every team at Circuit is laser-focused on delighting customers at every touchpoint and building an exceptional user experience.

How does your team promote personal well-being?

🌐 Work from wherever

We’ve always been remote-first and semi-async, having teammates across three continents. We go to great lengths to set you up for success from day one, and work hard to keep you connected.

🤝 Benefit from a competitive salary

We value equality. Everyone is paid a salary above average global market rates, and everyone qualifies for the annual company performance bonus, regardless of their position in the team.

📈 Own a stake in the company

Every team member has the opportunity to grow their equity stake in the company as part of their compensation package.

📊 Build your ideal workspace

Depending on your job, you will receive a £2000 to £3000 laptop allowance every three years and £500 a year to set up your home office – and it’s all yours to keep.

💙 Meet and socialize with your team

The team at Circuit enjoys traveling with us on our annual company meet-up! In September 2022, we are jetting off to Portugal. We also host optional virtual events where you can get to know your teammates and hopefully make friends, too!

Where can we learn more about your team?

Interested? Find out more about how we work and our open roles at