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Introduce us to your team

Cinder is Unified Trust & Safety

At Cinder, we empower cutting-edge trust & safety and investigations teams to better understand their data, streamline decision making, and measure effectiveness. All from a single place.

Built by battle-tested engineers, investigators, and policy-makers

Our team is multi-disciplinary by design, expanding on experience gained investigating and combating the worst threats.

As veterans of Meta’s trust & safety teams, and drawing on expertise from our work at the U.S. government, Palantir, and academic research, we’ve learned first-hand the importance of intelligence-driven integrity operations and what can make or break effective trust & safety programs. By combining our expertise in engineering, investigations, intelligence, and policy-making, we’re building the platform we’ve always wanted for the people who need it the most.

Company values matter. Cinder's include:

  1. Empathy—for our teammates, for ourselves, for our customers, and especially for our customers' communities. Cinder is built to protect and help those communities thrive.

  2. Relentless—in building and fixing quickly, in supporting our customers, in understanding how bad actors & mal-intent manifest on a customer's platform.

  3. Intentional—in growth, in our corporate choices, in our hiring, in selecting which customers to work with, in how and what we build.

What are your team rituals?

All team doggo pics, great and small, must be shared.

We are a fully remote team (US and UK). And we also deeply value in-person interactions. We meet quarterly, at least, with other meet-ups locally from time to time.

And because we're fully remote, sharing context and information can be hard—this is the tradeoff to fully remote teams! So at Cinder we make a ritual of Reading Culture. Not just writing... but reading. When everyone takes the time to read and ask questions, the quality of writing goes up. Which saves every time while increasing knowledge sharing. Reading Culture.

Share an interesting side project from a team member

Our COO makes furniture!

And our product designer is a comedy genius!