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Carbon Direct Design
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Full time, onsite or remote
Full time, onsite or remote
Full time, onsite or remote

Introduce us to your team

Our design team is a growing team of three full-timers (and a couple contractors). We split across two functions:

  • Product Design: servicing design of our digital products and product teams.

  • Visual Design: servicing the design of our brand and marketing presence, as well as our science team.

Carbon Direct is made up of three organizations: the Science, Investment, and Tech teams. Our science team consists of 50 or so of the world's top climate scientists, while our technology team builds software to bolster their work.

How does your team work with product and engineering?

Right now, designers work as a unit to tackle the wide span of design needs. Here are some ways we work with folks here:

On product: our lovely Product Managers work with us to prioritize our product, design, and engineering needs to make sure we stay focused and move quickly. Our engineering team is also wildly passionate and talented, and helps drive decision-making here too.

On research: we're maintaining rituals where product, design, and marketing are regularly able to talk to our clients (companies hoping to decarbonize) and our Science team. We distill insights from these sessions to make sure we're building relevant products that are backed by science.

On brand and design: our Science team products lots of content that requires great design to deliver properly to the right audiences. Visual designers work to understand the messaging and content strategy to help make this happen.

What is the product you’re building?

We on the tech / product side work with our science team to develop carbon management software for companies on the road to net zero and beyond. With the new SEC proposal mandating climate risk disclosure for public companies, this work is becoming more relevant than ever. You can read a little about how this works with our partners Shopify and Microsoft.

What advice would you give to people who want to join your team?

If you're passionate about climate solutions but aren't an expert, don't fret! We prioritize hiring folks who are excited about working with our world-class scientists to develop solutions as a team. That means we're looking for a spread of skills, not exclusively PhDs in climate science. 😉