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What is the product you’re building?

Working in a silo is bleak, but has sadly become the default experience for modern software teams. When it takes hours of file-spelunking and channel-sleuthing to figure out what other people are working on, people default to working in isolation.

And when people work in isolation, they miss out on the serendipitous cross-pollination of great ideas, waste time on work that another team has already figured out, and ultimately create disconnected experiences for their customers.

Campsite breaks down silos at work, helping people to discover work-in-progress and share async feedback across team and product boundaries.

We're building best-in-class tools to help modern software teams:

Create visibility — help anyone in a company easily see what's happening across teams and projects.

Share and organize async feedback — simplify and automate the feedback process so that it's clear to know what to work on next.

Create meaningful social connections at work — create a space to cross-pollinate great ideas, resources, and best-practices so that teams level up together.

Introduce us to your team

Brian Lovin

Hey, I'm Brian!

Before starting Campsite I spent three years leading design for GitHub's native mobile apps.

Before GitHub, I co-founded Spectrum, a platform for large-scale communities to have better public conversations. Spectrum was acquired by GitHub in 2018.

And before Spectrum, I designed payments experiences at Facebook, working across Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram. I originally cut my teeth as the first product designer at Buffer.

I also co-host the Design Details Podcast, a weekly conversation about design process and culture.

Side projects have played an outsized role in my growth as maker. Some of my favorite projects are Better Hacker News, Security Checklist, App Dissection, Staff Design, and my Figma plugins.

What values does your team share?

Customer-obsessed — nothing matters if we aren't solving real problems for real people.

Outcomes over output — we don't celebrate busy-work here.

Software should be beautiful — the way something looks is a core piece of the user experience.

We have our best ideas in a state of relaxation and flow — regular rest sustains long-term creative output.

There are no “magical hours” where work happens — M-F 9-5 is made up. Work when you are most productive, and trust that everyone else is doing the same.

We're a team of low-ego builders — we haven’t made it yet.

Work autonomously — great builders want to work on hard problems with the space and tools needed to solve them.

We're scrappy as hell — being blocked is a failure of collaboration and creativity.

Kind, not nice — kind is giving someone candid feedback to help them grow. Nice is telling someone what they want to hear.

What does your stack look like?




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