Senior Front-end Developer
Full time
Flexible schedules
Paid parental leave
Retirement contributions
Competitive salary
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Anywhere in one of the 60+ countries supported by Remote (see: and have at least 2 hours of overlap with Melbourne, Australia to apply for this role. We don’t offer relocation at this time.


Your role

Here’s how we work together and what you can expect from this role:

  • The role is permanent and full time (four days a week). We are located within Australia and work remotely. You must be eligible to work in Australia to apply. We are unable to offer sponsorship or relocation at this time.

  • We are a small company which means each person we hire becomes a lead of their area of expertise. We will expect you to contribute high-quality code, establish processes and make architecture decisions to improve the front-end at Calibre.

  • You’ll be working on a diverse set of tasks. While we focus on bigger initiatives, no two days are the same. You might be building a new interface for Calibre, creating a landing page for our marketing site, helping maintain our design systems or updating technical documentation.

  • We rely on resilient and modern technologies. You’ll be working in an environment including React, Next.js, CSS-in-JS (Styled System and Styled Components), Apollo, GraphQL and Ruby on Rails.

  • We use tools that help us do our best work. You’ll collaborate primarily via Linear, Slack, Notion, GitHub and Figma.

  • We value deep work and written communication, which is why we’re light on meetings. Apart from weekly team sync and fortnightly 1:1, you can focus on what you do best.

  • Everyone at Calibre talks to our customers. You will help with support conversations, and if you’ve never done this before, we will coach you in how we approach delivering the best customer experience.

  • The salary range for this role is between A$110,000 and A$132,000 (including superannuation).

Your day-to-day tasks might look like this:

  • Communication: we might be in a similar timezone, but we often work asynchronously. Clear, strong communication and collaboration is something that comes naturally to you.

  • Building new interfaces: you’ll be primarily working on the Calibre application. Some of our upcoming projects include implementing new charts that portray a vast amount of data in an easy-to-digest way and building a responsive, customisable dashboard for performance reports and metrics.

  • Housekeeping: keeping our codebase in tip-top shape is as important as building new features. You’ll ensure our dependencies are up-to-date, work on web performance improvements, refactor old code and address customer issues raised in our support channels.

About you

It’s important to us that whoever joins Calibre thrives in this role. Here are skills and knowledge that will set you up for success:

  • You appreciate and understand the web’s foundational technologies (such as, but not limited to HTML, CSS, SVG and JavaScript).

  • You have built and maintained React and CSS-in-JS applications and component systems.

  • You appreciate good design and are excited to collaborate with a designer to build delightful, fast and accessible interfaces. You sweat the small details and own the quality of your work.

  • You care about the impact of your code on customers from multiple axes: privacy, security, experience and usability.

  • Your process involves documenting your work. Your code is understandable and predictable to your colleagues.

  • You know the benefits and tradeoffs of different JavaScript rendering modes to build near-instant experiences.

  • You’re comfortable working with APIs to get the data you need.

  • You’re self-motivated and can work independently. You take the initiative to ensure that you have everything you need to work efficiently and call for support when required.

How Calibre supports you at work

  • Work four days a week. We believe working less is the future. We show up four days a week, at 32 hours maximum. No overtime!

  • Work remotely. Calibre doesn’t have a fixed office. You must be eligible to work in one of the 60+ countries supported by Remote and have at least 2 hours of overlap with Melbourne, Australia to apply for this role. We don’t offer relocation at this time.

  • Receive a fair salary. We base salaries on market rates, your skills and experience. All open positions come with a transparent pay range. We don’t offer equity.

  • Get regular pay increases. We raise our salaries by 5% each year. You shouldn’t need to switch jobs or be an expert negotiator to get higher compensation.

  • Rest when you need to. You’ll get 4 weeks of annual leave and 2 weeks of sick leave a year, plus national, state and territory government public holidays.

  • Create your schedule. We trust you to tailor your workday as long as you’re accountable for your work. Do a school dropoff, go to therapy or run an errand!

  • Spend time with your family. All new parents get 12 weeks of paid leave after twelve months of employment, including adoption and foster care.

  • Receive and share feedback. You’ll always know where you’re at with regular 1:1s. We want your candid opinion about how we can improve, too.

  • Be autonomous. We trust you to work independently. We will encourage you to create processes and own your area of expertise.

  • Continue learning. Spend A$1,500 per year to attend events, take courses or buy books. Available after six months of employment.

  • Get hardware you need. You will receive a MacBook Pro laptop (or the equivalent of your choice) plus required peripherals.

  • Create your perfect workspace. You’ll have a budget of A$1,500 to make your work environment enjoyable. We also cover up to A$500 a month for a coworking desk!

Some benefits (such as leave policies) might vary by country. We will provide a transparent list of benefits to candidates applying for open roles.
The benefits above are listed for Australian-based employees but serve as a baseline for what we want to offer no matter your location.

Our hiring process

Learn about how we hire and apply here!