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Built by Field

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Introduce us to your team

Built by Field is a digital design and technology agency. Our projects teams are led by Jesse McLean and include our core team and any specialists required.

We believe that the most important brand expressions happen in digital spaces, because brands are uncovered in the doing, not the saying.

An exceptional digital experience elevates brands, simplifies processes, and enriches communication. Through meticulous design and strategic application of technology, we help brands make meaningful connections with their audiences.

We do it through a collaborative spirit and with high standards, so at the end of the day the things we build work well, look great, and tell your story.

Andrew Reist
Andrew Reist

What are the biggest challenges facing your team?

Like most teams we've had ups and downs as is agency life at times, but we don't believe it needs to be that way. We've been dissecting the traditional agency business model and looking at how some teams we really respect run things to try and develop a business that facilitates superb customer experience while enabling a healthy, profitable studio.

How do we contact you?

We've got an office in Calgary, but we're mostly remote and located in Vancouver as well. The best way to say "hi" is through email: send us a message to hello@builtbyfield.com and we'll say something friendly back.

You can find us on Instagram, Twitter, Dribbble, and probably some other places as well.