Onsite or remote
Dallas, US
Bias towards action
Embrace challenges
Radical candor
1% better every day
Meaningful work
Focus on impact

What is the product you’re building?

Basewell is a knowledge tool that uses AI to quickly answers employee questions, train teams, + detect knowledge gaps.


  • Automatically centralizes you company information from wherever it lives

  • Delivers instant, contextualized answers to employees—anywhere in the world

  • Predicts, identifies, and reports knowledge gaps, so problem can be fixed before impacting your team or objectives.

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Introduce us to your team

Evan Stewart
Brittany Stewart

We're a small but mighty team of three based in Dallas, TX.

Evan, who leads front-end engineering, design, and sales efforts as CEO.

  • Previously bootstrapped a real estate company to $30M+ in annual sales (acquired by an associate broker with Compass, $COMP)

  • Consulted with tech-enabled, service-based businesses throughout North America

Brittany, who leads intelligence alignment and operations efforts as COO.

  • Built and scaled operations for companies in the US and Canada

  • Specialty in explosive-growth, tech-enabled startups

Darryl, who leads architecture and language model structures as CTO.

What values does your team share?

Collaborate without ego — Great things only happen when driven people work together.

Take full responsibility — Be accountable for your actions and own your mistakes.

Be mission-driven — Your work should have a positive and measurable impact on company goals or it's not worth doing.

Prioritize and execute — Make precise, data-driven decisions.

Money matters — Enduring companies are profitable. Nothing happens without revenue.

Produce quality work — Software should be beautiful. Details matter.

Prototypes, not polish — We ship "highly polished prototypes," not "finished products." There's always room for improvement.

Stay scrappy — Grit is more important than comfort.

What type of music does your team listen to?

Lo-fi is always playing in the office. In fact, we made a hand-curated playlist with our favorite music to work to! Hit shuffle and you're good to go. 🎶👇

How do we contact you?

Reach us on 𝕏 (Twitter) @BasewellHQ, or