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Full time, onsite or remote

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Staff iOS Engineer

We believe that small, elite, autonomous teams are capable of building extraordinary products when aligned on a common goal. Every person on our team is responsible for doing one thing, we avoid time-sinking activities (like meetings) at all costs, and everyone ships product. Above all, we're laser-focused on working together to build products that we love using every single day.

What is your team mission?

Ares' mission is to build tools that advance the way we experience reality.

What is the product you’re building?

Ares is the fastest way to share your reality. We're building a new type of public messaging platform built around spatial photos: photos that are created together by multiple people in real-time.

What problem are you solving?

Ares really represents the next step in the long evolution of photos on the internet. For the past 20 years, the purpose of photos, and the camera itself, has gone through these very distinctive stages. First, photos were about saving memories, using the camera as an archival tool. Instagram became this place where you broadcasted your most perfect memories to the world, permanently. Then, photos transformed into a medium for one-to-one communication, using the camera as a messaging tool. Snapchat was a way to send everyday, ephemeral moments to your close friends.

Today, these two types of photos have created an extreme barbell that defines social media at large. On one end, you have this sort of impersonal, mass broadcasting tool: one-to-many. On the other, you have a hyper-isolated, closed-circle messaging tool: one-to-one. What this has done is essentially created a missing space, a vacuum, for a third type of interaction: many-to-many. And really, this is what brings us to Ares, and what we’re focused on: photos for exploration. We really think that photos have the opportunity to serve as a new medium for exploration, where they become building blocks of open conversations. That's why we're building a new format for photos, called spatial photos, which are photos that are created together by multiple people in real-time. We envision a future where these photos serve as the new foundation for open conversation and exploration across the world - both physical and digital.

We're super excited about building out this vision, and we hope you'll join us.

What does your stack look like?

We build our flagship app for iOS 📱 using domain-specific languages and frameworks such as:

  • Swift: UIKit + SwiftUI, Combine, Async await

  • Typescript: Hono, Zod

  • Postgres, GCP, Railway