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Introduce us to your team

What is Amplemarket all about?

At Amplemarket, we understand that the traditional B2B sales methods just don't work like they used to. Today, sales teams need detailed information about their prospects to choose the best time and way to reach out. Trying to do this with disjointed tools that don't integrate well is frustrating and inefficient.

That's why we created Amplemarket. Our all-in-one, AI-powered sales platform is designed to help B2B companies find more opportunities. We offer advanced lead generation, hyper-personalized sequencing, omnichannel outreach, and intelligent AI actions all in one place. With support from Y Combinator, we're proud to be the choice of some of the fastest-growing companies, including Deel, Cabify, Moveworks, H1, and Vanta.

If you join us, you will be part of an ambitious team and a fast-paced work environment. You'll also work directly with our founders in order to improve and scale our product. If you are a curious, motivated person and are looking to make an immediate impact at an exciting startup, please get in touch!

You can check out more information about us here ⚑️

Curious to see the product? Check out some videos here πŸ”

What does your team's product development process look like?

We operate in small, specialized teams, each focusing on distinct areas of our product. Each team has a PM, a designer, and an engineering unit, working in small feedback loops and very close collaboration.

Our preferred cadence involves 2-week cycles, during which our founders closely collaborate with teams to streamline processes and eliminate redundancy whenever necessary.

We do not believe in the traditional handoff process between designers and engineers. The designer's role at Amplemarket must extend beyond Figma. Our only source of truth is the live version, the one that our customers see.

Tell us about your design system

We are currently on a mission to revamp our design system. From primitives to tokens, we take everything into consideration to ensure seamless collaboration with our engineering team.

P.S.: We are also in the rebranding process, so you will join a team with a lot of creative freedom to reimagine new experiences and worlds. Below is a sneak peek of our new design system in action. πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ¨

Should designers code?

Perhaps we are framing this question incorrectly.

The main tasks of a designer revolve around generating ideas, building solutions, and communicating effectively. It's less about specific titles or roles and more about getting the job done and conveying our ideas and work clearly. If coding is a means to that end, then let's do it. After all, we are still designers at heart. ❀️

What design tools do you use day to day?

The only tool we have in common is Figma. Other than that, we are driven by high-quality outputs.

As long as your team can collaborate with you, you can choose your own tools. πŸ”¨

What does your workplace look like?

Let's hear that feedback directly from the team, shall we?

The product and the autonomy I'm given to do my job.

The honesty of everyone, along with the desire of building something people want are what I appreciate the most

At Amplemarket people are treated as adults where everyone is expected to work effectively as a team. There is no sense of "my team vs. your team" and everyone is working for the same objectives.

First of all, I think everyone really and truly wants you to grow. They want you to do a great work without pressuring you in a bad way. (...) I think everyone has the same goal, and we're all here for the same. Everyone believes so much in Amplemarket, and that gives you the right boost to keep going and became a better person and worker.

The transparent communication, the frequent check-ins and feedback company-wise and on an individual level. The offsites. Being able to work remotely.

Genuinely friendly culture where people are not averse to helping each other out and don't have a not-my-department syndrome. An ambitious vision in a competitive marketplace.

I feel a great sense of enablement and empowerment, my team has been equipped with every tool necessary to thrive and flourish. I have never experienced a disheartening sensation of being left to fend for myself here, there is always a support system in place.

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