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design engineer
Full time
Retirement contributions
Paid parental leave
Catered lunch
Healthcare benefits
Wellness reimbursement
Flexible schedules
Employee equity
Competitive salary
dennis mueller
dennis mueller
Stefan Mansson

pretty much anywhere, though some far off timezones might make it hard (think hawaii, oceania)


you should just reach out if you can design polished UI and write production react code. there are no other requirements. just email and tell us you come from

What we love about working here

Above all, we care about good design

To make something great, just re-do it, re-do it, re-do it.

Amie is the joyful productivity app. That means focusing on few experiences but perfecting those. Everyone on the team cares about design and chat to users daily. We don’t just replicate what’s already been made, we build what we think will truly matter. And then we re-do it re-do it re-do it.

We get to try the wild ideas we never got to before

When we see something that can be improved, anyone on the team is free to improve it instead of putting a ticket through the process loop. Everyone on the team have massive impact on how the product will turn out and what we work on.

Engineers design and designers write code. We think in days, not weeks. Projects never span across more than a couple of weeks, and are scoped by a small group of 2 or 3 people. This blog post explains well why being fast matters, and why it’s sooo much fun.

We’re remote first, with lots of time to do what we love

We do meetings when they're really needed. Not by default. This means most of our days are spent doing what we love and do best–writing code or designing. No busy work, lots of flow.

It also means we get to work from wherever we want. A couple of people work from our Berlin office, the rest are spread out across Belgium, Cyprus, Ukraine, France, Sweden, Colombia, Georgia, and Turkey. Amie supports us in setting up our home office, or if we prefer to work from a co-working place.

The Amie team ❤️

Our team is the best part about Amie. We are a small and tight-knit team of 10 and has built some of the best apps, like Intercom, Framer and N26. This is how Polly put it:

the team and the product are a reflection of each other - the playfulness, joy, attention to detail, transparency, always caring, always learning, always growing and always improving!