Introduce us to your team

we're quite international!

  • sofia in porto

  • fahyik in paris

  • alexandru in sf

  • polly in brussels

  • antoine in toulouse

  • stefan in nicosia

  • agnes in stockholm

  • ivo in berlin

  • eric in berlin

  • dennis in either berlin, barcelona or cape town

we're also hiring in most places (we hire people full-time via, so there's no contracting pain for you)

we're also always open to contractors, especially contract-to-hire :)

What are your team rituals?

the most important ritual is our offsite every 3-4 months. the last happened in portugal, south of spain and cyprus. the next one may be in cape town :)

it's fully covered by the company. and we spend days finding the sweetest houses possible. we have a private chef so we can focus entirely on building and bonding. we've went on a small yacht, surfing, horseback riding, karting, to sunset dinners at the beach,...

What does your team's product development process look like?

always different, really. we generally work in small project teams. they are instable, meaning the constellation always changes.

every project has a directly responsible individual that ensures it gets shipped with highest quality.

those teams decide themselves how to work. some prefer pair programming,

the design is always back-and-forthy. we iterate until we're really proud of it. even if it takes longer.

when work is nearly finished we all play with the preview. there's no QA person, so we're all involved. we enable feature flags to users who asked for the feature. when they like it, we enable it for everyone.

lots to say here, can tell you more via mail too :)