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AI will transform every industry – but only when it’s accessible to everyone, not just data scientists. Akkio makes it simple to take advantage of the power of AI by combining highly efficient machine learning with a simple and easy to use interface.

We're a team of 20+. We've recently raised a Series A round. Backers include Bain Capital Ventures, founders and executives from Sonos, HubSpot and more.

To learn more check out akkio.com

How does your team stay connected when working remotely?

We have whole team and sometimes smaller off-sites. Here's a photo from one in Nashville.

What is the product you’re building?

Our goal is to make machine learning very accessible to everyone. So our platform is quite large and varied but here's a recent feature Chat Data Prep that our customers find exciting:

What problem are you solving?

We strive to make it incredibly easy for people to engage with data. One new feature we have released is Chat Explore which lets anyone ask questions to their datasets and get answers and even live charts with the power of GPT-4 built in.