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New Layer, Inc

Berkeley, CA
Los Angeles, CA
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Hi! We are a small fully remote team working throughout the West Coast of North America. Andy and Mehdi design and build the product full-time, while Shen wrangles all things community.

Andy Chung
Founder and designer
Mehdi Mulani
Co-founder and engineer

Why now?

More than ever job seekers expect to find teams that align with their personal values. Are their teammates strong mentors? Will their manager set them up for success?

Team profiles make strong connections with job seekers by introducing them to the people and personalities they would be working with day to day.

Unique advantages

  • Strengthen candidate outreach by sharing your Team profile.

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  • Create proof of work for team members without shallow endorsements.

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How it works

Team profiles are short, self-guided interviews designed to make it easy to tell your team story. Just answer a few prompts and you're on your way.

What type of music does your team listen to?

Please enjoy some big choons you might hear at our respective home offices. Jah!

Tell us about your design system

Okay to be totally transparent our design system doesn't really exist. Our Figma is disorganized. Layers don't have names. Files are untitled. Stuff gets put in the first page that opens when Figma finally loads. Essentially, we use Figma as a sketchbook.

Share an interesting side project from a team member

In an effort to learn Rust, Mehdi built a Game Boy emulator in two weeks.

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Teams in action

Team profiles are great for smaller teams within companies, startups, and studios. Check out how people are using team profiles today:

The team behind your favorite design tools. Learn about member side projects, how they split work between design and product, and a selection of podcasts from team.

Introduce us to your team

We are a team of 70+, including engineers, designers, writers, strategists, business developers, researchers, art directors, creative technologists, and everything in between.

Building digital products, brands and businesses, we help ambitious companies identify, explore and respond to new opportunities.

What does a typical day in the life of your team look like?

Meet one of Europe's most prolific technology driven design studios. Learn about a day in the life of their team, a peek at their workplace, and what values their team shares.

Introduce us to your team

Logic + Rhythm is a technology studio formed out of years working for big tech companies. Think of us like your digital product team for hire. We help companies get their ideas off the ground by designing, prototyping, and building great software together.

We're a team of designers and engineers spread across seven different countries who are really good at building applications. We’ve spent years working in-house at some of the world’s leading tech companies. We took all the good stuff we learned with us and left the bad stuff behind. Working with us should feel the same as having hired an internal design team. We work through the hard stuff together and in the end, create something great that delivers lasting value for your company.

How does your team conduct critique?

We conduct a weekly jam session for folks to share what they're working on, get feedback, and try out different approaches to problems. This is a chance for everyone to help uplevel each other, while also staying up-to-date on what's the latest on our various projects.

We also have a channel in Slack called #design-drops where we share WIP Looms to get async feedback. As our team is spread out over 9 time zones, working async is a bit part of our culture. And finally, as with most things internally, all of our Figmas are open by default so anyone can hop in and drop feedback for others.

Our good friends at Logic + Rhythm share a behind the scenes look at how they do critique, what tools they use day to day, and a vibey Boiler Room set.

What are your team rituals?

As a company, Coda is super thoughtful about rituals and our Design team is too! We have weekly Design Crits, socials - which form the core rituals. But since we have a joint Product + Design team, we also have a weekly meeting to share work and processes.  We have a joint Product and Design team because we’re building an incredibly interconnected product and ecosystem around it. So our weekly get together is critical for building a thoughtful product!

Check out the colorful design team at Coda. Learn about how their team works with product, their hackathons, and give their playlist a listen.

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Team profiles are free, with job listings starting at $99 a month, per listing. We also offer discounts to pre series–A startups, small to medium sized studios, and nonprofits. Please contact us to see if your team qualifies!