Taras Savytskyi

Taras Savytskyi

Senior Product Designer in Toronto

Excited to announce the launch of Gourmet: Food Journal
App Store – apps.apple.com/ca/app/gourmat…

After months of work, collaboration, and countless cups of coffee, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our new app, Gourmate! This food journaling app serves as your personal hub to capture, relive, and get insights for all your food memories. A huge shoutout to Anastasia Shaburnikova for doing all the magic on the dev side.

Why Gourmate? 🍽️
It helps you remember the food you love, with photos, ratings, and quick notes.
Gain insights into your eating habits through personal food insights.
Personalize the app to make it uniquely yours through our settings and customization features.

If you're as passionate about food as we are, give Gourmate a try. We're eager to be a part of your culinary adventures!

Happy Eating!

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Gourmate helps you remember the food you love. It's your place to save pictures, rate dishes, and write memories, making sure every tasty bite and special meal stays with you.


Magic Color Palettes can fill an element with a single color, add a palette to the local styles or generate a palette on the page.

The library includes hundreds of carefully selected color palettes, designed to enhance your interfaces and illustrations.

The wide spectrum of hues draws inspiration from many art forms, ranging from Van Gogh's immortal Starry Night to cinematic classics like Pulp Fiction.


Work Experience

2021 — Now

Ethena provides compliance training for modern teams. Our evidence-based approach delivers relevant content in digestible monthly doses, so actionable strategies are always top-of-mind.

Ethena's training is trusted by top tech and professional services companies including Netflix, Zendesk, Figma, Medium and others. We're backed by GSV, Homebrew, Neo, Village Global, and other aligned investors, and were profiled in Tech Crunch and Forbes. Our advisory team includes Frances Frei, and top Legal and People Ops professionals.

2019 — 2021
Toronto, Canada

Key Achievements:
Successfully developed and launched the Textkit app from inception to delivery, resulting in increased engagement, user satisfaction and more business opportunities from other industries;
Led the design and implementation of the Hummingbird Design System, which improved the consistency and usability of the company's products and services;
Improved the efficiency and effectiveness of cross-functional teams by defining user journeys, creating personas, and conducting user testing;
Successfully managed and mentored design co-op experience, fostering growth and development in junior designers;
Developed and implemented data-driven optimization strategies for product user experience, leading to measurable improvements in KPIs and achieving business goals;

2016 — 2020
Product Designer (Contract) at Infinity Intelligence
Toronto, Canada

I’ve worked with many creative people and small businesses that needed a unique design. Our digital agency came up with hundreds of solutions for our clients. We have created a web-based product that improves item tracking for small to midsize businesses that mostly work with cash flow. Moreover, we developed an educational art project for people who enjoy reading and learning more about different forms of art.

2019 — 2019
2018 — 2019
Senior Product Designer (Contract) at Ultramar
Toronto, Canada

○ I've designed and shipped engaging user experiences for complex POS applications.
○ Delivered visually delightful designs that reflect modern aesthetic and interaction standards.
○ Understand market needs for those managing gas stations all over Canada.
○ Beta version of the app was launched to some user groups in January 2019.
○ Features launched include dashboards with different metrics, search throughout the list of the store items, selling statistics, tags, etc.

2017 — 2018
Whitby, Canada

When I joined 360Insights my primary focus was aimed at improving design processes and redesigning essential products like Rebates and Spiffs. Also, I've started working on design systems for each product that the company-owned.
I redesigned an upload tool that now has a much better user experience and clearer flow. By working closely with the development team, I ensured our final products operate exactly the way they were designed.

2015 — 2016
London, Canada

○ Prototyping and testing interface solutions for the brand new website
○ Developed and implemented (HTML/CSS/JS) tablet ADs for the new La Press digital format
○ Work with clients for implementing online ads on mobile devices

2014 — 2015
Product Designer at Disel Engineering
Kyiv, Ukraine

○ Designed interface components with careful consideration of aesthetics, functionality and usability.
○ Conducted user research, designed wireframes, and created high-fidelity visual designs with interactive prototypes.
○ Collaborated with software engineers, product managers and producers to ensure the vision and strategy of the products were being met.