Tamrat Alemu

Tamrat Alemu

Web3 Designer + Developer in Washington DC

Looking to work with a small-mid size Web3 startup.
I have 5+ years experience in Typescript, React Next.js & NodeJS.
Also experienced in Developer-focused products (SDKs, API design, Technical docs) and Blockchain development

15 days ago



Demo: Veew video demo

An AI-powered interface for creating on-chain media like sketches from Excalidraw, text posts, memes, interactive websites, and AI-generated images.

It also enables users to browse on-chain media such as Farcaster casts, Sound.xyz music NFTs, Talent Protocol scores, Opepen sets, and ENS data. It also allows


Onchain builder passport based on Talent Protocol profile


Demo: Ovi Demo VIdeo

A music player with collectible 3D skins and 10 curated channels!


Interactive set of tools for Opepen creations


Customizable iOS widgets for viewing Lens Protocol content and stats


Designed and developed a virtual gallery for Zora’s first ever NFT drop


Developed interactive Snapchat and Instagram AR experiences for clients such as Walmart, JD Sports and Accenture ( digital Super Bowl ad)


Designed and developed the first JavaScript based productivity app for the Magic Leap app store


A design that reinvigorates the residential hotel model for a new generation of mobile workers by reclaiming an object of housing infrastructure lost in the evolution of domestic space: the core.


The design uses the idea of the hearth as the organizing principle of the house. The hearth comprises of the kitchen, storage, stairway and a skylight. By concentrating the primary needs of the house at the center, the periphery becomes a generous space that can be used for flexible living conditions.

Work Experience

2021 — 2023

Designed and developed a generative metaverse concepts centered around a customizable virtual home for each user on the Lens Protocol

Created 3D assets and developed 3D interactivity for DumplingTV, a curated video gallery for Lens video creators

2017 — 2018
Software Engineer

Developed a ride sharing app using React Native, Redux and Ruby on Rails

Built an API to allow other third-party ride share companies to request and match riders on the Bandwagon platform using Ruby on Rails

Wrote an analytics tool to track and optimize the user chat, resulting in a 25% decrease of failed ride sharing sessions

2015 — 2017

Contributed to architectural and urban design, including parts of Times Square plaza, the High Line in New York, a 41-acre mixed-use redevelopment in downtown Denver, and a 60-acre hospital in Uganda

2012 — 2015
Master of Arts in Architecture at Yale