Taichi Wi

Taichi Wi

Full-Stack Engineering in NYC, He/Him


I’m a full-stack developer, interactive designer, and educator. I’m seeking a role as a UX/Software Engineer building environments and structures for collaboration. I have strong academic foundations in computer science, mathematics, and design; plus 4 years of experience building public-facing websites and communicating across expertise in the realm of arts & culture.


2020 — 2022
Masters of Architecture at Harvard Graduate School of Design

Studied and conceptualized structures for collectivity.

2015 — 2018
B.A. Computer Science at Rutgers University, New Brunswick

Graduated summa cum laude, with a minor in mathematics.

Work Experience

2022 — Now
Part-Time Lecturer at Parsons School of Design, The New School

Teaching interactive design/programming and advising student projects in a studio class setting.

2020 — Now

Leading web development and consulting design on digital products for Nike and various smaller projects. Present throughout design, build, and maintenance, I work and communicate with content authors, strategists, designers, engineers, security consultants, and technology vendors. Just as "programming" can refer to both "instructing computers" and "activating space", I try to approach programming through a balance of producing effective solutions and opening up space for others’ input. Clients and collaborators include Nike, Queens Museum, Something Special Studios, and Dinamo Typefaces.

2018 — 2020

Led web development and co-designed websites for artists, writers, and art organizations. Clients include Artists Space (a prominent art institution in NYC) and Alt-Text as Poetry (an artist-led project toward nuanced web accessibility).

2016 — 2017
Visual Design Intern at SoundCloud

Designed, prototyped, conducted UX research, and pushed production code on web and mobile interfaces for user onboarding, payments, subscriptions, artist revenue, and playlists.



web development on digital products to build and respond to small consumer segment communities

Architecture Projects at Harvard Graduate School of Design

concepts, designs and renderings of structures for collectivity


design and development for an accessibility-first website


web development on an extensive program calendar and digital archive for a storied art institution

Websites as Artworks

small websites, sometimes for artists, writers, and art organizations


Side Projects

Gardener at 2215 N Central Rd.

At my old apartment building, I led a group of residents in planning, funding, digging, and maintaining a small garden. I designed a 3D-printed structural joint for assembling bamboo scaffolding that could be edited over time as plants grew.



2018 — 2019

Worked with occupational therapists and industrial designers to make durable, affordable, and editable cardboard furniture and environmental adaptations for disability.