Sujan Khadgi [SUU-jahn KAHD-gee]

Sujan Khadgi [SUU-jahn KAHD-gee]

Product Designer in Glenside, PA, He/him


I’m a Product Designer with a focus and passion for Interaction Design, Design Systems, and improving design efficiency. I’ve worked on consumer products and production tools and I've helped create, contribute, and elevate design systems at several Fortune 500 companies.

I’m currently at Microsoft driving design for the consumption experience for Microsoft Start.

Work Experience

2022 — Now

Driving design for the news consumption experience for Microsoft News

2020 — 2022

Led an exceptional group of makers to build a multi-brand, multi-platform design system enabling makers to spend less time building interfaces and more time building innovative digital experiences that transform people's lives, improves healthcare, and increases brand affinity and loyalty.

2019 — 2020
Philadelphia, PA

Designed and launched a new internal search platform called URBNSearch that served four brands under the URBN umbrella resulting in increased productivity in internal users and a lift in Average Order Value for customers using search to find products on our sites compared to the previous search provider. Redesigned the navigation experience for customers to improve discoverability. Contributed to the URBN design system.

2017 — 2018
Philadelphia, PA

Designed and launched Xfinity Mobile’s “Bring Your Own Device” experience that enabled customers to sign up for Xfinity Mobile with the phones they already had. Designed a new experience that allowed more families to sign up for Xfinity Mobile that resulted in a 20% increase in sales and a 66% growth in subscriber count. Spearheaded the Design System initiative and introduced new collaboration processes to improve team efficiency and communication.

2016 — 2016
Philadelphia, PA

Designed and launched a brand new responsive site powered by a CMS to help the internal team publish content easily and making it easier for visitors to find and access maritime policies and updates critical to their operation.

2014 — 2015
Kathmandu, Nepal

Designed dozens of microsites and web apps for local and international clients. Implemented designs using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

2013 — 2014
Interaction Designer at Third Pole Connects
Kathmandu, Nepal

Designed an Enterprise Resource Planning product targeting local colleges and universities. Implemented designs using HTML, CSS, and Javascript and partnered closely with backend engineers.

2010 — 2013


Philadelphia, PA

A virtual panel event focused on sharing experiences across various UX specializations to help people new to the industry develop a deeper understanding of the space.


A lightning talk around what a design system, why you should care about it, how can you build your own, and how do you make sure it's managed and governed.



Earners of the Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2016 Semifinalist badge were semifinalists in an individual category of the Adobe Design Achievement Awards. Earners of this badge demonstrate a high level of skill in their creative field as judged by experts in their field.