iván stoilovskikh

iván stoilovskikh

product designer

Work Experience

2019 — 2022
Dubai, UAE

key clients:

our team has worked on the conceptual ideas for the oppo operating system.
we defined key visuals and developed visual language aligned with brand strategy, delivered design concept of os13

we were involved into development of operation system for new generation of mobile devices as design partner. we helped to define key principles of future mobile experience, and delivered design concept & design system

they approached us for the service design and conceptual vision
of in-car user experience for the future of polestar fully autonomous vehicle.

2017 — 2019
Postdam, Germany

designed user experience concepts for level 5 autonomous driving vehicles. i’ve made transformation from requirements for service design to ux design. my role also included defining design process, building scenarios and functionality requirements, working on visual guides and visual appearance of ux.
also i’ve done something for this and this

2017 — 2017

handled creating brand new client onboarding system based on several segmental systems. building holistic design system. responsible for design process in hcd paradigm, system alignment.

2010 — 2017
Design Consultant at Freelance

Helped to build awesome digital products to STC, Samsung, Kodak, Espn, Santander, Deutsche Bank, Popcorntime, and more great teams.