Stephanie Marie Cedeño

Stephanie Marie Cedeño

Designer, Artist, Educator in Berlin, she/her


I am a 1st generation Panamanian-U.S. American interaction designer and artist oscillating between applied & experimental realms.

My work explores the materiality of technology through various physical and digital media in order to propose more sustainable, eco-feminist futures.

Outside of industry, I teach and document methods on my teaching site; and collect concepts & intuitions on

Work Experience

2020 — Now
Adjunct Faculty & Design Lecturer at ArtCenter College of Design; University of Applied Sciences, Berlin
Pasadena, CA; Berlin, DE

I teach interaction design and media design at the Bachelor's and Master's level in Germany and the United States. I've had the opportunity to teach bite-sized modules at international universities as well.

Teaching site:

2022 — 2023

I worked within the B2B & Fulfillment unit shaping the future of Partner Reporting; as well as crafting the design strategy for a Fulfillment platform for partners to manage sales, stock, and logistics across multiple sales channels and markets across Europe.…

2019 — 2022
Berlin, DE

In this agency-style role, I was able to work across multiple Bosch units and domains ranging from automobile software to data science and machine learning tools.

Most notably, I designed, co-built, and launched the first data processing pipeline feature for an internal data science platform. I collaborated with frontend & backend developers and product management in a small SCRUM team.

2017 — 2017
Interaction Designer at AT&T Experience Design Studio
El Segundo, CA, USA

Interaction Designer on the Industrial Design Team exploring the future of broadband.


Feminism(s) Reading Circle at K20A

A monthly IRL reading circle for reading aloud feminist and queer texts, co-organized with Emily Smith.

Imaginaries of Work at Hooker + Durfee

A design research study lead by Ben Hooker to generate “hybrid drawings” containing a mix of people, data, and objects that nuance discussions of future techno-maintenance work.

With support from Intel.


How do we create a ~ViRtUaL r0oOom~ to hang out in?

For one year, I taught an experimental interaction design curriculum to youth in the Kollektiv Crèmbach who became my collaborators in co-designing poetic interactions for the Lenbachhaus Museum's digital "open space", The Collaboratory.

A project sponsored by the Kulturstiftung des Bundes “” grant for the Lenbachhaus Museum in Munich.

"Floating Attentions": Animistic Collaborators in Mixed Reality at Phil van Allen Studio

Developed mixed reality prototypes for artificial intelligence applications using HTC Vive and Microsoft Hololens, alongside the Leap Motion sensor to explore how AI could collaborate with people in augmented reality.

My project, Floating Attentions, is an exploration into how subtle interactions with AI entities in mixed reality could literally float at one’s fingertips. Inspired by the idea of keeping information “close at hand,” the AI entities bloom poetic provocations for the creative process.

Research presented at the 2017 Sketching with Hardware Conference:


Linz, AT

Exhibited "Networked Colluding in the Internet of Things" as part of group show, “The Internet of Enlightened Things: AI in the Neighborhood.”

THE INTERNET OF ENLIGHTENED THINGS is a collection of projects that explore the implications and opportunities of sharing our lives – willingly or not – with ever more “intelligent” objects and systems. We are interested in new manifestations of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in the “neighborhood” where people interact with the urban at a human scale.


Artist Talk at MDP Commons for Graduate Media Design Practices, ArtCenter College of Design
Pasadena, CA, USA

Artist Talk & Discussion alongside Alice Yuan Zhang.

Perspektivwechsel at Ostfalia Hochschule: Institut für Medien-Design
Salzgitter, Germany

Keynote Speaker for the Design Graduation Show.

Nobody Understands AI... what’s the problem? at Almedalsveckan
Visby, Sweden

A panel discussion with a designer (me), 2 mathematicians, & a politician about our work with AI and how we see it going forward.

Reflections on Acceleration at Umeå Institute of Design
Umeå, Sweden

Graduation Keynote Speaker

Tertulia Tecnológica: Nearer Futures at Abierto Mexicano de Diseño
Mexico City, Mexico

Host & Panelist



Published for the 2023 Annual, my essay details my concept of "House-Wi-Fi-zation", after Marxist feminist theorist Maria Mies, which looks at the hidden costs of digitization and its effects on those outside of labor protection laws.


2015 — 2018
MFA, Graduate Media Design Practices at ArtCenter College of Design
Pasadena, CA, USA
2008 — 2012
BA, International Relations & Latin American Studies at Boston University
Boston, MA, USA