Srijit S Madhavan

Srijit S Madhavan

Frontend Lead @BlueSkyAnalytics in New Delhi, He/Him


10 months ago


I am working as a Frontend Lead at Blue Sky Analytics, a climate-space tech startup dedicated to empowering the world's decision-makers with accurate, real-time, and standardized climate data, my primary responsibility is to work on visualizing vast climate data such as forest fires, GHG emissions, water quantification, carbon sequestration, and much more on the client side.

Spanning over 5+ years, I have been passionately assisting startups with frontend and UX/UI designing (although I am an amateur designer). Currently getting my hands dirty by learning trading as a hobby.

Work Experience

2022 — Now
  • Brainstorm, ideate, develop & maintain our geo-spatial visualization tool i.e. SpaceTime™.
  • Successfully reduced rendering time for millions of dataset points from 50-60 secs to 1-2 secs.
  • Expand from 2 climate dataset to 12 datasets in one year on our platform.
  • Hire, manage, mentor & lead the front-end team of 7.
  • Joined as one of the founding engineer & reporting directly to CTO and engage with data & tech leads for sprint calls and drafting tasks for every month.
  • Point person i.e. lead for all front-end assets and all staging reviews & merges related to the front end goes through me.
  • Maintaining front-end code quality/discipline & QA. Providing performance feedback to improve my team member's output & pointing out the skill gaps to help them up-skill.
2021 — 2022
  • Brainstorm, conceive, develop, and maintain our geo-spatial visualization tool, SpaceTime™.
  • Coding, reviewing, and merging tasks for the front-end repo.
  • Provide mentorship to a front-end team consisting of 4 members.
  • Contribute by writing engineering team blogs.
  • Collaborate closely with the design, marketing, and back-end teams.
  • Take charge of the hiring process for the front-end team, taking technical interviews and also conducting cultural round interviews for other teams.
2020 — 2021
  • I joined as one of the founding engineers and immediately began reporting directly to the CTO.
  • Hired to brainstorm and initial drafting SpaceTime™, a geo-spatial platform designed for visualizing various types of spatial-temporal data.
  • I also took on the task of refactoring & cleaning up old legacy code.
  • Additionally, I collaborated with a design studio to rebrand the Blue Sky website and modernized the old website using Gatsby and Prismic.
  • I had the opportunity to create visualizations for BreeZo (Air Dataset) and Zuri (Fires Dataset) and collaborated with Al Gore (Former Vice President of USA) led collision called Climate Trace, focused on GHG emissions datasets.
2019 — 2020
Frontend Engineer at Novuse
Gurgaon, India
  • Developed Telio.AI, an AI-powered IVR system, enables users to create IVR systems using a drag-and-drop interface.
  • Conceptualized and built the Single Sign-On (SSO) feature in-house.
  • Additionally, designed an efficient lead generation platform called LMS, which enables clients to effortlessly generate leads from multiple sources and keep track of them.
2018 — 2019
Product & UX/UI (Intern) at KodeClass
  • Responsibility of researching & designing the product architecture for the KodeClass. This platform facilitates coding assessments for candidates, providing recruiters and hiring managers with effective screening tools.
  • As part of this role, I created both low and high-fidelity artboards for the KodeClass portal.
2019 — 2019
UX/UI Designer Intern at Novuse
Gurgaon, India
  • Responsible for conducting in-depth research and conceptualizing a robust design architecture for their product, ensuring its functionality and user-friendliness.
  • Actively participated in brainstorming sessions and took charge of designing wireframes for the Telio.AI product and landing page.
2017 — 2018
Engineering Intern at Dhupar InfoTech Pvt Ltd.
  • Built the back-office portal for the official DHCBA app, which stands for Delhi High Court Bar Association. This portal empowers administrators to have full control over the app's functionality, ensuring efficient management and maintenance.
  • In addition, I was tasked with developing RESTful APIs for the DHCBA back-office using the Slim Framework.
2017 — 2018
Gurgaon, India
  • Developed an online survey platform designed to help businesses gain insights into customer behavior through survey forms. This platform also provided the capability to reward customers for participating in surveys, enabling advertising agencies to gain a deeper understanding of their target audience.
  • As part of the project, I implemented a dynamic survey builder, enabling clients to create surveys effortlessly using a drag-and-drop interface.
  • I led the overhaul of their outdated website, giving it a fresh and modern look while improving its functionality and user experience. This revamp aimed to create a more engaging online presence for the business.
2016 — 2016
Engineering Intern at Xeler8 Inc.
New Delhi, India
  • Built a platform designed to facilitate connections between investors and startups in India. This platform offers a range of features including news alerts, company profiles, and polls. Additionally, it allows members to actively follow, track, and conduct real-time research on companies.
  • To populate the platform with relevant data, created a web crawler capable of fetching information about startups, investors, and venture capitalists from various websites across the internet. This data acquisition process was essential for providing up-to-date and comprehensive information to platform users.
  • Furthermore, I led the effort to revamp an older website, giving it a fresh and modern makeover. This redesign aimed to enhance both the visual appeal and functionality of the website, ultimately improving the user experience for visitors.


2018 — 2019
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2016 — 2019
New Delhi, India

BCA accredited from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (GGSIPU)

2002 — 2016
New Delhi, India

XII CBSE Graduated in 2016
X CBSE Graduated in 2014