Simone Robert

Simone Robert

Designer in Brooklyn, She/her


I'm a Canadian designer living in New York and working on the internet.

Work Experience

2020 — Now
New York, US

I've led projects with XXIX for clients such as Google, Brooklyn Museum, Pinterest, Youswim, Geneva, Parafin, and Etsy. We collaborate with Sanctuary Computer to bring projects to life, whether for clients or our community space, Index.

2018 — 2020
New York, US

Clients included Goldman Sachs, Bottega Veneta, Aldo, and Give Blck.

2017 — 2018
Oslo, Norway & Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I spent a year working with Bakken & Bæck in their Oslo and Amsterdam offices. I led the production of the 2018 edition of their weird one-day conference, An Interesting Day.


2022 — 2022

I participated in a Sex Ed program lead by Neta Bomani and Melanie Hoff, dedicated to studying the ways that sex is encoded in our society and unlearning harmful social programming.

2022 — 2022

I took part in a program about Digital Love Languages, taught by Melanie Hoff.

2020 — 2020

I took part in a program dedicated to new ways of publishing on the internet, taught by Laurel Schwulst and John Provencher.

2013 — 2017
Bachelor of Design Honours at York University / Sheridan College
Toronto, Canada

I graduated from the York University / Sheridan College Program in Design, and spent a semester studying at the Bauhaus University.

2016 — 2016
Exchange program at Bauhaus University
Weimar, Germany

Side Projects


In 2023, I co-founded a traveling chess club with Isabel Münter. We've since held eight events with hundred of attendees, and been featured in media outlets like The Guardian.