Curtis Burns

Curtis Burns

Web Developer, He/Him


9 months ago


Ambitious and open-minded. Founder of Reaching Futurity, the man behind Silksmith, friendly neighbourhood developer.

Work Experience

2021 — Now
Bedfordshire, UK

As the director and sole web developer of my company, I have the freedom to leverage the most advanced and cutting-edge web development technologies without the challenges typically encountered in larger corporate environments, to provide digital solutions to clients around the world. With a specialisation in JAM stack and composable architecture, I build scalable, secure, high-performance websites, web applications, and e-commerce sites. I also have experience in integrating Augmented Reality (AR) technologies into web experiences, enhancing engagement and interactivity for clients. I have a diverse client portfolio spanning various industries, including the art, hospitality, logistics, science and engineering, and floristry industries. I have collaborated with startups and creative agencies, delivering tailored web solutions that meet their unique needs and business objectives.

My goal is to empower businesses with exceptional digital experiences that drive results and exceed expectations.

2018 — 2021
London, UK

Web Developer with a specialization in e-commerce and a strong proficiency in Shopify. I gained a reputation for building visually stunning and highly functional websites, web applications, and progressive web applications (PWAs). With expertise in front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React and Vue.js, I brought websites to life while ensuring optimal performance, cross-browser compatibility, and accessibility.

I developed and deployed numerous websites, web applications, and PWAs, mainly as a solo developer and as part of a team, taking projects from concept to completion. I served as the go-to expert for e-commerce projects, specialising in the Shopify platform. I ensured successful migrations of websites from various platforms to Shopify, delivering seamless transitions and improved functionality. I integrated plugins, inventory management systems, and other software to enhance e-commerce capabilities for clients. On each project, I collaborated with designers, project managers, and contractors to translate mockups and wireframes into polished and user-friendly interfaces. Throughout, I built strong client relationships, understanding their business requirements and providing tailored solutions to meet their unique needs. I kept up-to-date with emerging trends and technologies in web development, implementing best practices and driving innovation within the company, looking to improve existing processes where possible.

2018 — 2018
London, UK

Please see above.

2018 — 2018
London, UK

After reconsidering the path my career was taking, I decided to transition into a job in the tech industry. After much deliberation, I quit my current job and chose to enrol on a 12 week web development course, where I had the opportunity to work on numerous exciting projects, enabling me to develop the skills that are essential to becoming a resourceful web developer, while also gaining an understanding of the fundamentals of programming. The course allowed me to gain experience as a full-stack developer, where I built applications with JavaScript ES6, Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, AngularJS and React.js. It also prepared me with the soft skills necessary to help initiate and propel my career in tech.

2016 — 2018
Bedford, UK

Part of an investigative team, my main responsibility was to resolve historical errors in insurer and client accounts and clear any 'aged' entries across a number of insurance divisions. This involved me having to liaise with brokers, account handlers, cashiers and technicians at other insurance companies. I also had to contact clients in order to arrange settlements where due. I produced management information reports for a number of broking systems for our company and carried out the client money calculations in accordance with CAS5 regulations every two weeks.

2016 — 2016
Bedford, UK

My responsibilities were to ensure the allocation of client money to the correct invoices. I often had to liaise with cashiers and brokers/client handlers so that invoices could be cleared correctly or as intended. I also issued receipts and credit control letters to our clients and carried out mid-month and end-of-month client money calculations in accordance with CAS5 regulations. Having identified the opportunity to do so, I simplified many of the steps for this, reducing human error and improving the completion time from 2 days to 30 minutes.

2015 — 2016
2014 — 2015
Luton, UK

My role was to conduct audits on supplier accounts in order to find anomalies that may indicate the need to recover any lost profit for the client. This would involve me filtering through a mass of email correspondence between the client and their suppliers, financial data, payment agreements for promotional funding, rebate payments, etc. Evidence would then be collated with any supporting data to build a case for a claim against the supplier. We would then commence negotiations for settlement.


2011 — 2014
BA (Hons) Business Economics at Nottingham Trent University
Nottingham, UK