Sigurd Vikene

Sigurd Vikene

Full Stack Developer @ Sikt in Bergen, He/him


Software engineer with a keen interest in system architecture, psychology, and artificial intelligence. Diverse background in various creative disciplines, including graphic design. Passionate about music, humor, and game design. Proficient in a variety of programming languages, with a current focus on TypeScript.





Explored the Material 3 system when prototyping a simple recycling app for a university project.


Designed and developed Stoff Magasin's new website.

Stoff is a non-profit magazine for young adults in Bergen - focusing on in-depth, courageous and creative journalism within culture and social issues.



2020 — Now

A in machine learning and Python/Java courses, B in algorithms

2019 — 2020
Psychology at Universitetet i Bergen
2016 — 2017
Media, IKT & design at Høgskulen i Volda

Work Experience

2023 — Now

Was brought onto the ESS project part-time after my internship to continue production while completing my degree this semester.

2022 — Now
Board member at Stoff Magasin

Remained with the magazine as a board member as well as developing its new website - reducing its codebase 4x and increasing load speeds 10x.

2023 — 2023

Spent the summer designing and implementing a user registration/profile solution for the European Social Survey's new data portal, which was subsequently integrated into production.

2018 — 2022

Led voluntary designers in assembling a total of 15 monthly print issues, and designed the magazine's city guide for 3 consecutive years.

2017 — 2017

Norway's largest and oldest documentary festival - all made possible by students. Worked on this year's visual profile, print materials, social assets, merch and more.

2014 — 2016
Graphic Designer at Freelance

Financed my high school graduation by creating high quality but questionable vector materials for other graduates across the country, as well as working with local contractors.


Side Projects


Gained experience with React by assembling old name generators into a single application.