Shubhang Rajput

Shubhang Rajput

UX/UI & Visual Designer in Bangalore, India, He/Him

Looking to collaborate on some fintech projects!

3 months ago


4 years into designing effective solutions for a slew of industries including, but not limited to Crypto, Fintech, SaaS, Ecom, Consumer Goods, and Food Delivery.

Enjoyer of perplexing challenges & good humor (might involve giving files and layers dumb names)

Apart from full stack designing, I also teach and share my learnings. Reach out if you need any help or want to discuss design (or garbage memes)

Work Experience

2023 — Now
Remote | Office in Florida
2020 — 2023
Remote | Mumbai, India

Providing an array of solutions spanning Website Audits, UX/UI, Product Design, Branding & Visuals for both US & Indian Companies.

2019 — 2020

Being my first job, I was formally introduced to the Design/ Art Space via IFN. Here my skills helped build meaningful Client collaterals ranging from Print to Digital Marketing.

Side Projects


Built from scratch, CoinFi is a new-age Crypto based fintech product that makes investing in Crypto simpler and easier for individuals of all knowledge levels. The vision for creating CoinFi was to make investing in Crypto feel friendly, reliable, rewarding, and not as overwhelming as other apps.

Website Overhaul | UX/UI at IndieFolio Network

Revamped their Website (yet to be Live) to better fit their brand vision, showcase their product and just look cooler.

Freelance Gig Management Platform at IndieFolio Network

Worked on a Project Management platform for Freelance gigs spanning a total of 300+ screens, encompassing 3 entities, Client, Creator & Admin.

Each entity also required 3 states of per screen as there were 3 kinds of project types, Fixed, Retainer & On Actuals.

This required critical thinking as each screen designed would affect all entities and should be scalable to different project types.


Built from scratch, HomeGrub is an app with a vision to make healthy homely food more accessible to the masses while giving a platform to homemakers & chef hobbyists.

The brand revolves around a friendly and warm environment to depict the feeling of being at home. When it comes to the product, the designs were made in a format that allowed users to quickly understand flows and extra features of scheduling without relearning the general delivery app flow they know and use daily.


Acheave is a Crossfit box that required an identity to stand out from its competitors which were saturating the fitness market.

Acheave believed in a very curated and premium service format hence the Brand Identity was made keeping the attributes of Confidence, Honesty, and Premium quality in mind. The Logo symbol made is a simple yet strong mark to showcase what Acheave stands for, which is "With efforts and commitment you can achieve every goal."

The logo is also modular to accommodate new verticals when Acheave wishes to expand.