Shinji Pons

Shinji Pons

Product Designer in Toulouse, France

I'm now looking for my next opportunity since my time at Ragdoll Dynamics is now over. If you are looking for an experienced product designer who is knowledgeable in 3D tools, workflows and pipelines, please feel free to reach out and start a discussion!

3 months ago


I'm Shinji and I love designing 3D software.


  • 3D modelling using NURBS, SubDs, sculpting

  • Python / Deep Learning and how it can be applied in the 3D domain

  • Computer graphics and simulation

  • Making awesome software that allows designers and artists to create their best work without losing their sanity

  • Figma to Webflow development

I'm a product designer with 10 years of experience designing tools, systems, and workflows for large and complex 3D applications. My expertise helps designers, artists, and engineers leverage innovative technology for their benefit.

In my spare time, I learn 3D modelling and visualization using Autodesk Alias and Blender.



Work Experience

2023 — 2024

Designing software to animate with physics!

2022 — 2023
Guildford, UK

I worked on Frostbite, EA's game engine, to improve its tools and workflows. This gives 5000 professionals across Electronic Arts' game studios better ways to create better games. My current responsibilities focus on character creation workflows for AAA games such as Skate, FIFA, and UFC.

2019 — 2021
Billund, Denmark

I worked on LEGO Digital Designer Pro, the in-house desktop 3D software application made for digital design of LEGO sets and building instructions.

  • Shaped the experience for LEGO Digital Designer Pro, the internal 3D platform for digital design of LEGO models and building instructions using brick connectivity, pricing data and real-time physics simulation.
  • Improved the efficiency of repetitive tasks from minutes down to seconds through the design of streamlined workflows.
  • Contributed to building a fully digital pipeline for 70% (and rising) of all new LEGO products by replacing the legacy Maya plugin with LEGO Digital Designer Pro.
2017 — 2019
Hannover, Germany

I designed features and workflows for Alias, the leading 3D surface design software for the automotive industry.

  • Led the design aspect for all subdivision modelling features, tools and workflows released in Alias 2020.
  • Validated the workflows of the subdivision modelling tools in Alias by testing features with more than 60 users from world-class automotive design studios.
  • Those new tools decreased the time needed by customers to reach presentation stage for concept designs three times faster than before.
2016 — 2017
London, UK

I designed business products centred around natural language processing and iOS mobile apps.

2015 — 2015
London, UK

I designed interactive experiences in branded spaces to increase public awareness of Windows Devices.

2014 — 2015
London, UK

I freelanced at this Condé Nast funded start-up as a UI designer, defining the brand guidelines for the e-commerce web and mobile platform.

2014 — 2014
London, UK

I did a three months internship at this renowned graphic design studio under the supervision of AGI member Jonathan Barnbrook, working on design projects for clients such as Art Basel and David Bowie.

2013 — 2013
London, UK

I did an internship for a few months at this design studio housed within Central St. Martins college, working for a few brands such as Lavazza.

2013 — 2013
Amsterdam, Netherlands

I worked on the design research for the LG brand typeface at the design studio formerly known as Total Design.

2012 — 2013
Paris, France

I worked on the signage design and typography for the Louvre Abu Dhabi museum under the supervision of AGI member Philippe Apeloig.



Designing software to animate with physics.

Frostbite at Electronic Arts

Project around character technology for AAA games.

LEGO Digital Designer Pro at The LEGO Group

In-house 3D software for virtual design of LEGO sets and building instructions, using real-time connectivity, physics and collisions.

Autodesk Alias SubD Tools at Autodesk

Workflow and user experience design for the subdivision modelling toolset in Autodesk Alias.

Dynamo for Alias at Autodesk

Workflow and integration design a visual programming environment for algorithmic design, into Autodesk Alias.

Designs of the Year 2015 Interactive Guide at Microsoft

A mobile experience guiding museum visitors about the various exhibits featured on the Designs of the Year awards at the Design Museum in London.

David Bowie - Nothing has Changed at Barnbrook

Artworking for David Bowie retrospective album.

Louvre Abu Dhabi at Ateliers Jean Nouvel

Signage, pictogram and typographic design for the Louvre museum in French, English and Arabic.

Side Projects


Full redesign of my portfolio website using Figma and Webflow.

Master Car Creation in Blender

Completed an online course teaching how to model a Chevrolet Corvette at the highest quality using Blender.

Apple iPod Shuffle Alias Model

High quality Alias model of an Apple iPod Shuffle 4th Gen.

Learn Surfacing Alias Course

Undertook an online course to learn the basics of Alias modelling.

Alias sketch model of a Mac Pro

3D NURBS model of a Intel-based Mac Pro with the front grille generated with a Dynamo script.

Modulo Typeface

I designed a modular typeface using a square grid, that is meant to be used in layers.

Computational Typography

I used an open-source library called Basil.js to create typographical layouts in InDesign using JavaScript.