sheldon li

sheldon li

Designing experiences in Hong Kong


Strategy | UX | Experience Consulting
Currently designing experiences, large and small, digital or otherwise, at EPAM Continuum. I lead our UX practice in Hong Kong and Shanghai.



Manual Engineering© is an internet studio based in Hong Kong. We specialise in building things for the internet.

Side Projects


Designed the title and text cards for a short film, Mistress Dispeller.


A tool for archiving and sharing the internet. Born from our need to save our bookmarks more elegantly. The web app is comprised of multiple products:

• Front-end application built with React
• Back-end application written in Laravel
• Micro-service redis queue for capturing website screens using Puppeteer
• Chrome extension for the user to capture the page

Arkival was designed and developed by myself, Adam Gee and Sheldon Li as Manual Engineering. Currently in working beta and used by us as our primary personal and business bookmarking tool.


“Gathering, documenting, and preserving branded merch into a permanent archive of objects collected from individuals, communities, and institutions.”

As brand merchandise becomes a more popular revenue stream for creators, we wanted to create a place to document and curate the products that interest us the most.

Myrch.Club is a side project made with Adam Gee & David Reid as part of Manual Engineering.


Title and text card design for filmmaker and director Elizabeth's Lo debut feature documentary film, Stray. The film wordmark can be seen across most of the film's digital and physical presence.



Since 2016, China’s e-commerce activity has surpassed every other country in the world. In that year alone, sales were greater than the US and the UK combined.  The combination of a less developed physical retail environment, a mobile commerce savvy user base, and rapid innovation has allowed China to leapfrog the West and create one of the most advanced digital and physical marketplaces in the world. In this talk, we'll explore stories about the intersection of online and offline retail, what other countries can learn from China, and unveil some exciting new innovations from EPAM China that help us better serve our clients in these rapidly changing times.

Work Experience

2014 — 2015
2012 — 2014