Seth Lukin

Seth Lukin

Designer in New York, Any pronouns

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Hi, I'm Seth, a multidisciplinary designer with four years of experience. My main passion is helping digital environment to remain intuitive, enjoyable and beautiful.

I strongly believe that a good product can be achieved with a combination of holistic approach, effective collaboration and the ability to see people’s initial needs. At the same time, I’m very open to experimenting and always self-improving to push the boundaries of what is possible.



Luuna is a concept of sleep manager app for IOS. It helps to control your bedtime routine with sleep hygiene and phase tracking, lucid dreaming trainer, bedtime reminder, ambient sounds, smooth awakening (based on a phase), anti-oversleep and apnea detection. The challenge of this project was to provide users with extended functionality in a simple user-friendly interface.‍


I am honored to receive an Awwwards Honorable Mention for the "Escape the Kim" website, a longread that uncovers the stark realities faced by North Korean refugees. Contrasting the state's narrative, the site highlights hunger, poverty, and human rights violations that drive people to seek a better life.

To captivate and immerse viewers, I designed the site as a scroller arcade, enabling users to delve deeper into the refugees' experiences. This Awwwards recognition highlights the power of design in revealing critical issues and fostering empathy.

Work Experience

2022 — 2022
UX/UI designer at ESH Gruppa & SpiceIT

I was invited to collaborate on a major brand redesign project for a recruiting agency, tasked with building a system of landing pages. As part of the project, I applied my skills in UI/UX design and developed a UI-kit to create adaptive mobile/tablet layout designs.

2021 — 2021
UX/UI designer at Twinby Tech Solutions Co
Dubai, UAE (Remote)

At Twinby, I designed onboarding and user profile screens for a dating startup app, collaborating with the team to brainstorm new ideas. My tasks included UX research, low-fidelity and high-fidelity prototyping, UI development, and communication with the development team. This experience allowed me to enhance my UX design skills, creating user-centered digital experiences that meet business goals.

2021 — 2021
Web designer at Park Production

I was developing a minimalist web experience for the largest production studio in its local market.

2018 — 2020
Digital designer at Self-employed

Various visual, digital, and promotional projects for small businesses


2019 — 2023
Product design at HSE Art and Design school

Bachelor of design at HSE Art and Design School
While attending HSE Art and Design School, I acquired a wide range of skills related to the creation of digital products. My studies included user research, visual identity development, interface design, product testing, and more. This diverse skill set enables me to provide well-rounded and effective user experiences.

My education at HSE gave me a deep understanding of the interconnected nature of product development stages and the significance of maintaining a holistic perspective. The comprehensive curriculum exposed me to key industry concepts such as Agile methodologies and Atomic Design principles, which further broadened my expertise as a multifaceted designer.

With this solid foundation in product design, I am prepared to successfully navigate the intricate landscape of the field and make meaningful contributions to any team or project.



To ensure my ability to craft effective copy and guide users with clear messaging, I enrolled in a UX Writing course. This interactive program allowed me to hone my writing skills and develop a deeper understanding of how to create user-centric content.

2023 — 2025

My current English level is C1


I chose to refresh my mobile design skills with a UXcel certificate. The course helped me revisit key concepts and learn new techniques for creating awesome user experiences on mobile devices.

By taking this course, I reinforced my commitment to staying updated and sharpening my design skills in an ever-changing industry.