Seth Rowden

Seth Rowden

On these words, we build


Positioning brands through mission-critical language – the foundations that everything else is built on.

Work Experience

2010 — Now

Since 2010, I’ve collaborated with clients all over the world, from design agencies like Pentagram to organisation like Adobe. Today, I provide the verbal foundations to help clients position themselves, raise investment and launch the next chapter. I’m also an equity partner in several ventures where I serve as head of brand communications, becoming the filter that all language passes through. My work has been featured in publications such as BP&O and Site Inspire.

2022 — Now

A creative partnership between designer Oliver Milner-Smith and brand writer Seth Rowden.

2021 — Now
Lagos, Nigeria

Câm is a dairy company with two goals: To share their love of real dairy and create the infrastructure that makes it possible. In Nigeria, most consumers drink UHT or evaporated milk; real dairy is expensive and imported from overseas. Câm is partnering with pastoralists who supply daily fresh milk in exchange for a fixed price that's above the market average and empowers them to become entrepreneurs.

I'm an equity partner and consultant for their communications and marketing.

2020 — 2021

Rhea is challenging the traditional approach to treating concussion and other brain health conditions. Developed by a clinical team at Toronto University, Rhea is a rehabilitation platform that uses evidence-based movements tailored to a patient’s individual symptoms. (Website launching soon).

In January, Rhea raised a seed round and is now preparing to launch. I'm an equity partner and oversee their tone of voice and verbal identity.


Adobe Digital Trends

Digital Trends is Adobe’s biggest annual campaign. In 2020, I led the tone of voice and developed the narrative and content for their main experience site and marketing collateral across multiple channels. The number of report downloads increased by 300% as a result of this project. Due to the success of this project, I was invited to work on Adobe's 2021 Digital Trends campaign and continue to support Adobe with other projects throughout the year.


Urban Alchemy is based in San Fransico. They're a social enterprise that engages with situations where extreme poverty meets homelessness, mental illness and addiction. They employ people who have served life sentences in prison to help transform the energy in traumatised urban spaces. (Website launching soon).


Tre’dish is a community-based technology platform at the forefront of the food-sharing economy. They're creating a new way for people to experience local homemade cooking by enabling Home Chefs to share their talent and build a profile from their home kitchen.


The closest some kids get to touching a new pair of sneakers is on their Instagram feed. Kickback is a social enterprise in Toronto that starts by giving kids a pair of shoes and ends with giving them options in life. I created a brand narrative that communicates the incredible impact Kickback is having on underserved communities. (Website launching soon).


Nude is a savings account and financial friend for first-time homebuyers. Open a savings or investment account, boost your deposit with government bonuses and get ideas to buy your home in record time. I facilitated a workshop with the founding team and helped them write a verbal identity and investment deck that led to raising £1.7m in private investment and another £3.4m from an equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs.

Side Projects


Creative Partner. Brand and digital products for early to mid-stage ventures. Working with design-led VCs and founders on the ideas that shape our collective future.


BP&O Voices columnist exploring the topic of brand language.




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