Scott Lindh

Scott Lindh

Software Engineer in Australia, 🤖 Jedi

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I have worked as a software developer for roughly 10 - 15 years now, during this time my projects have lead me threw all aspects of the software development cycle .

I have now specialized in the field of Block Chain Technologies, Web3 as well in the field of Automation and Asset Trading.

Having designed such software in this space has lead me to have a great and unique understanding of the markets that I apply successfully to my own investment portfolio and to my clients needs when consulting about a potential project that exists in the Crypto space



Blockchain and web3 technologies advisor for 8.Finance


I designed and created a cloud based system that allows clients to fire up there own music making studio in the cloud. This also allows multiple users to connect to the same studio desktop for collaboration.

Users rent out time on the cloud based studios using crypto tokens this is just as powerful as a full brick and mortar based studio but exists in the cloud, we have special licensing with Ableton Berlin and are partnered with sound engineering schools worldwide.

Each user automatically has their own cloud storage instance loaded in the studio and can access the desktop via their browser only no need for additional software it all exists in the browser on the cloud.

Side Projects


As a side project I was involved with lead generation and client relations for Australia on the lead generation network Adventum.

Work Experience

2021 — 2022
Bangkok / Sydney

Whilst working for this multi-award wining blockchain company I was involved with developing trust layer solutions for markets of tomorrow to take accurate stock of shared public resources.

I was involved with the "Water Ledger" a Initiative sponsored by the Australian N.S.W government to put water rights and licenses on the blockchain. This involved DAML, AdonisJS, Typescript and ReactJS. I was utilized in both the front end and back end whilst also testing the smart contracts.

Unfortunately my time here came to a end due to Thailand Visa issues.

2021 — 2021
Software Developer at Tree.Insure Foundation
Remote / Australia

Design, creation, marketing and management of the Tree.Insure protocol and platform. A decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that has pegged
physical tree's to a crypto token to facilitate the ability to on chain carbon footprint offset as well as speculative carbon offset trading.

2020 — 2021

Here I was employed as a Senior Full stack Developer designing and building a ping and post lead distribution network. I worked on the API and UI also in my down time I create landing pages and automated varies tasks like scraping and data mining for the media buying team. The lead generation distribution network has already incorporated over 80 clients and we post leads in each vertical to 30+ at a time then following with a sale of the lead to the highest bidder.

We manage such clients like Slater Gordon and Redbull, to name a few but any network in the home improvement or legal verticals we supplied whilst handling large volumes.

2018 — 2020
Software Developer at Tradunity Ltd
Remote / Estonia

Here I single headedly completed some major products and smaller projects. Including both frontend and backend development. The main platforms created
are below:

Create full forex/cfd metatrader mt4 copy trade platform, including mql4 plugin development for mt4, custom REST API / WebSocket server and UI frontend. This platform allowed signal providers/traders to offer up “trade signals” to

Crypto bot platform, created cloud based crypto bot platform for back testing crypto bots and running these bots on several exchanges. This project consisted of the bot daemons the API server and a frontend, many challenges were overcome including load sharing for the back tester in the end a full cloud based crypto bot platform was created that allows users to back test strategies based on indicators and deploy the bots.

Custom signal bot integrations on social networks / user management bots for verification on chat networks like discord / telegram / slack.

2018 — 2019
Project Manager at ShoeHouse LLC.
Remote / NYC

Lead the development of tools used in the Limited Edition SNEAKER industry. In this position I created Server side bots, Subscription bots, and Desktop
Applications using NodeJS and C#, sold to subscribers by my employer and also used by them for there several brick and mortar stores. Every major shoe reseller has been automated to the point where any new limited edition shoe ie: a “yeezy”, is instantly purchased the moment it is released this spans a network of 100’s of stores (footlocker, supreme, Eastbay, etc). Many IDS and such needed to be bypassed for such a task skills involved in this position include but are not limited to complete bypassing of recaptcha and akamai, a lot of black hat skills and lots of reversing, DOM manipulation, finding hidden API’s, utilizing ‘loop holes”, 0-day “Exploits” etc, etc

2018 — 2018
Software Developer at Merkle Group Inc.
Remote / Australia

During my time at Merkle Group I created Custom cryptocurrency software integrations. (Including but not limited to; Alt coin creation, Smart contract creation, Web3 Platforms). As a Full stack developer specializing in integration of crypto currencies into a wide range of products from gambling games to payment processors. Server side applications, Front end Web UI’s, Native / Mobile UI Applications.

2017 — 2018

Led the development of the blockchain powering the network. Developer of the WIRE token Master Node Network, C++, C. Full stack development using MVC, C# and MySQL on the platform.

2017 — 2018
Core Developer at ONZ Coin LLC
Remote / China

Part of the front end development team of their AngularJS web app also developed the social network integration probe and payment gateway backend API Developed & maintained the core blockchain platform that rewards social engagement.

2016 — 2017
Quantitative Analysis at PURE Investments LLC

Creating quantitative tools and bots for the crypto space. Delivering custom trading indicators and bots.

Back end server side applications using python and NodeJS. Volume, wall finding, scanners, trading automation.

2015 — 2016
Backend Developer at Live Chains

Backend developer creating REST API’s. Altcoin integration for the world's first auto swapping mining pool. Server side scripts / server management / Linux administration. Front End code featuring a React GUI. Full custom rewrite of N.O.M.P

2013 — 2015
Software Developer at AIO SEO

.NET developer working on SEO tools utilizing C#. Here I developed all required bots and tools for Internet marketers Web automation / Web scraping / Data analysing. Python was also utilized in prototyping and other applications. I was in charge of Leading small team of developers to deliver results.


Cert 2 in Infomation Technology at Bremer Institute of TAFE
Cert 3 in Information Technology at Bremer Institute of TAFE
Bundamba, QLD, Australia