Sang Lee

Sang Lee

Design Technologist in San Francisco, He/Him

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Work Experience

2022 — Now
Senior Lead Design Technologist at Twitch
San Francisco Bay Area

Design & develop tools that help customers accelerate their time to market and help developers make the most out of Amazon IVS, the AWS service that powers the video infrastructure behind Twitch.

2020 — 2022
Senior Design Technologist at Twitch
San Francisco Bay Area

Design & develop web, iOS, and Android apps for Amazon IVS. Improve the overall experience for developers building with Amazon IVS through onboarding, education, and by designing simple-to-understand development workflows and web consoles.

2018 — 2020
Senior Product Designer at Twitch
San Francisco Bay Area

Lead the design efforts of the tools that 2M+ creators on Twitch used to produce their livestreams. I wrote production code and owned the user experience for a wide range of projects for viewers and creators, including Twitch Studio, Twitch Clips, paid subscriptions, streamer dashboard, revenue tooling, tax forms, stream analytics, stream health, and much more.

2015 — 2018
Product Designer at Twitch
San Francisco Bay Area

Designed and contributed frontend code (React, CSS/SASS) to Twitch Clips and several notable creator-focused features on Twitch including resubscriptions, stream health (Twitch inspector), partner onboarding, streamer dashboard, and revenue/analytics dashboard.

2014 — 2015
Product Designer at Xero
San Francisco Bay Area

Product Design on Xero Payroll. Focused on timesheets and employee/employer onboarding.

2015 — 2015
Design Lead at Immediately
San Francisco Bay Area

At Immediately, I owned all design, UX, and frontend web dev. I worked on everything from marketing design, banner ads & promotional emails, to hacking on the frontend for our Ruby app, contributing to our Objective-C iOS app, and designing the entire mobile application (sales pipeline management, calendar, news, and email). I also owned the UX research pipeline (everything from recruiting, scheduling, interviews, and recommendations).

2013 — 2014
Product Designer at Box
Los Altos, CA

Product Design for Box's Platform and Partner endpoints. I was responsible for designing the first version of Box Metadata, Box View, and maintaining the Box API Developer portal.