Sally Chen

Sally Chen

Product Designer


frontend engineer and hci researcher -turned product designer.
previously designing end-to-end experiences, design systems, and 0-1 AI products.

Work Experience

2023 — 2023
Product Designer at Contenda

Led the end-to-end research and design of 10+ AI-powered editing features for a product/eng team of 9 to drive growth and retention. Created and scaled Contenda’s first design system with full component adoption, boosting frontend efficiency and WCAG AA compatibility by 90%. Drove customer acquisition by spearheading the product strategy, design, and QA of Contenda’s first user dashboard and login service.

2021 — 2022
Product Designer at National Science Foundation & CMU CHIMPS Group

Led 3 designers, in partnership with with CMU’s Privacy Research Group, to revamp a web application for democratizing Machine Learning Bias education. Moderated 30+ user testing sessions and 5 design reviews to redesign the ML bias auditing workflow, boosting task completion by 50%. Collaborated with 6 engineers in designing and shipping a ML Bias discussion forum, acquiring an active user base of 1,000+ participants.

2020 — 2021
Lead UX Designer & Engineer at Adobe Research & Brown PTC Lab

Spearheaded the end-to-end redesign, with 12 engineers/researchers, of Dash, a B2B hypermedia data management webapp sponsored by Adobe Research.
Initiated and moderated 50+ usability tests and interviews to pinpoint and prioritize 12 usability improvements for 3000+ end customers.  Revamped the UI/UX of navigations, database/file management, and third-party integrations, boosting task satisfaction by 80%.

2019 — 2020
UX Researcher at KAIST Interaction Lab

Reimagined ways to help novice student programmers approach coding problems. Conducted 20+ user interview, think alouds, and wizard-of-oz tests to inform a new MVP for AlgoPlan. Paper published/presented at ACM Learning@Scale.


Rally Up at United Health Group

Researched, strategized, and designed a wellness dashboard for United Health Group, to enhance employee engagement in their wellness programs.

FleetOps Data Dashboard at SPIN Scooters

Designed an efficient scooter distribution and data visualization experience for a scooter company's internal employees, that set a new standard for Spin's future user-centered visualizations.