Editorial Designer in Copenhagen, Denmark


I am a communications strategist, editorial designer, and researcher in Copenhagen who works to conceive, develop, and strategize publication platforms and editorial projects focusing on design, art, sociocultural criticism, technology, and environmental matters. I am deeply invested in creating meaningful, community-oriented, generous, and considerate outputs that are ethical and empowering.

In the last 14 years, I have put my strategic, editorial, management, and people skills to work for design and architecture offices, artists, and visionary organizations on narrative strategies, communication, editorial design, content curation, and writing commissions. I'm also an empathetic and mindful recruiter with a track record of building teams for forward-thinking companies, ideally for design-related roles.

I am passionate about media and publishing ecosystems, graphic and book design, photography and contemporary art, technology, and environmental projects. My work is always culture-driven and aimed at amplifying stories, products, and experiences that inspire others to do good. Through my work, I want to tell and share compelling stories, devise engaging communication platforms, and design personal, relational, and relatable strategies. Because of my formation in philosophy, I use my interests in cultural studies, anthropology, and aesthetics to drive new impetus, inspire good, prompt reflection, fire the imaginaries, and affect positive social change.

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Confluential at Stranger Projects

Confluential is a publication platform exploring cross-industries intersections that drive new models of thinking about societal and environmental sustainability. The project documents innovation and analyzes the future of technologies, emerging social behaviors, and shared commons.

Readesign at Stranger Projects

Readesign is a conversational platform around the role of critical design practices in shaping how we read and experience text, information, interfaces, and exhibitions as public spaces where opinions are informed.

anti-utopias at Stranger Projects

From 2012 to 2017, I curated and edited anti-utopias, a compelling thematic repository of curated artist portfolios and news from the international art scene. After more than five years of hiatus, the project resumes as a platform that interviews and reviews forward-thinking artists and cultural practitioners grappling with social, political, environmental, and extinction-level matters. (The images are samples of previous design versions)

Creativin at Stranger Projects

I designed Creativin as an ecosystem of curated and thematic content newsletters corroborated in collaboration with international mainstream, alternative, and independent media and voices.

Contemporary Art Archives at Stranger Projects

Contemporary Art Archives is a scalable interface archive and modular search system providing access to some of the most exciting contemporary artists, projects, publications, curators, galleries, institutions, and collections worldwide. (The image is a sample of work in process.)

Revolving Futures at Stranger Projects

This publication was initially conceived in 2015 and resumed in 2022 with a new formula that expands on the original idea of blending perspectives on art, technology, science, cultural studies, politics, and environmental concerns towards a more practical focus—the present future of how we understand humanity and subjectivity amidst current sociocultural, technological, and climate transformations. (The images are samples of work in process.)

Diffractive Archives at Stranger Projects

Diffractive Archives is a two-fold experimental project. The first part is an extensive research publication on archival practices in networked environments inspired by my Ph.D. thesis in philosophy on archives and discourse. The second is a modular media installation where data generate comprehensive contexts and multi-layered interpretations, reconstitute alternative histories, and enable associative and diffractive thinking patterns. (The image is a simulation of work in process.)

the Unconventional Bureau at Stranger Projects

the Unconventional Bureau is an experimental model for organization design that I have been working on since 2019. The idea is to assemble specialists from various disciplines with different perspectives and professional skills who can collaborate on specific projects, construct new work processes, and become equal design shapers and decision-makers. I designed this project around several functions—a theoretical model that explains its operational principles, a set of materials that test the theory in situated contexts and environments (including blueprints, case studies, and discussions with visionary organization designers), and an open-source prototype where everyone is encouraged to playfully imagine and experiment with different organization assemblies for real or imaginary situations, products, or services.

Peripheral Histories at Stranger Projects

"Peripheral Histories" is a print and digital publication that explores an alternative view of experimental film, video, and television art in Romania from the 1970s to 2020. I wrote, edited, and designed the book as a personal narration of the sociocultural transformations in this period rather than an art historical account. (The images are samples of work in process.)


Work Experience

2021 — Now
Communications Strategist and Editorial Designer at Stranger Projects
Tallinn / Copenhagen

I work as a Communications Strategist and Editorial Designer at Stranger Projects—a publishing design, content, systems, and communication studio where I concept, design, and develop digital publishing platforms and content-driven projects with positive social, cultural, and environmental impact.

2018 — 2022
Technical Sourcer, Technical Recruiter, and Talent Acquisition Specialist roles at Varia

I previously worked as a technical sourcer and recruiter, talent acquisition specialist, and global research team lead across product, data, and engineering teams. I have been privileged to work as part of amazing teams at top companies like Apple and WhatsApp, Nordic startups in the IT sector, and blockchain innovation companies like Status in the Ethereum ecosystem. I was happiest working as a design recruiter for Ignite in the Cosmos ecosystem, looking for top product designers, creative directors, creative coders, and design systems leads.

2016 — 2021
Graphic and Web Designer at Freelance
2016 — 2021
Writer and Editor at Freelance
2012 — 2017
Content Curator and Editor at anti-utopias
2011 — 2013
Columnist and Associate Art and Architecture Editor at Igloo Media
2009 — 2012
Associate Architecture and Design Editor at Arhitext


2011 — 2018
Ph.D. in Philosophy at Babes-Bolyai University
2009 — 2011
MA in Philosophy and Communication at Babes-Bolyai University