Amir Ryan

Amir Ryan

Product Designer in Istanbul

Product designer, Webflow developer and Design Educator.

Work Experience

2022 — Now
Tallinn, Estonia

ZerotoBeta is a no-code product + webflow studio. Companies rely on us every day to design, develop, and launch their products.

2018 — Now

Side Projects


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Instructor at University of Tehran / Product Design Class
Mentoring & Workshop at Startup weekend





I helped 2700+ enthusiastic in my community to help them fast-track their learning, kickstart their creative business and become a world-class designer through design thinking, UX, and interface design bootcamps. Visit here - Instagram

  • Hold 10+ workshops, 5 Bootcamps, 3 Courses
  • 700+ hours of live class, 50h+ of recording sessions/feedbacks
  • Helped 100+ people to find their dream job.
Product Designer at Ritech Group of Companies

From stakeholder interviews to prototypes (thousands of iterations and tests to design & build 150+ screens - collaborated with PMs & Developers to implement solutions.
I worked on Steps, A Facebook Ad builder that leverages the power of AI to create, design, share and manage ads easily.

  • Collaborating with PMs to understand the business/user needs.
  • Research and understanding current situation / solutions
  • Userflows, Wireframes, Prototyping in Figma, and deliver handoffs to developers.
  • Test solutions with users to validate ideas + iterations to achieve better solutions.
Product Designer at Maktabkhooneh

Maktabkhooneh is Iran's first and largest online education platform.

  • I worked on the system design and was part of the redesign team as freelancer.

Designed V1 of Trainer finding platform - Collaborate W/ developers to build and ship the product.

Senior Product Designer at Inpin Platform

Result: Shipped V1 & V2 of product. 100,000+ listings, 4,000+ Agents, 2,000+ Agencies, 40,000+ matching request.

  • I worked with a team of 10 developers to solve home finding problems, We built #1 first augmented reality (AR) based real estate platform for searching homes and artificial intelligence (AI) for matching home requests.
  • I started with Understanding Business Objectives, Secondary & Primary Research and analyzing industry and current solutions.
  • I collaborated with stakeholders, tech team to develop ideas and evaluate/test them with users. + many iterations.
  • I worked on IOS, Android, Website(PWA) -

I worked on the system design and was part of the redesign team as freelancer.


In this studio I worked on several projects as designer and developer:

  • Worked on dashboard, Salad builder, Ordering process...
  • B2B and B2C online order and inventory software suite
  • Hum
  • ICP
    Responsibilities: Mostly Front-end development, Testing and Design improvement and collaborate with other developers and PM to achieve better results and ship products.
Product Designer at Netbarg

Netbarg Or iiVentures:
In this holding I worked on this 3 products as designer & developer: - (e-commerce marketplace with 3+ milion users) - (Re-designing the UI and Design-system + Front-end development - 1+ million users) - (Online food ordering website)

2016 (Re-designing the UI and Design-system + Front-end development - 1+ million users)

  • Working on UI/UX and Front-end Develop of Web Application
  • Working on UI and UX of Mobile Application

Worked on multiple projects such as sms panel, jewelry store website, UI Kit Marketplace