Rui Jie Wang

Rui Jie Wang

Senior UX Designer in Toronto, Canada


Product Designer passionate about designing for impact with immersive technologies.

Currently Sr. UX Designer at ATB Ventures based in Toronto, Canada. Also enjoys remixing visuals at


Work Experience

2022 — Now

As part of the advanced concepts team, I work with multiple parties to lead design thinking processes, establish exploratory research methods and prototype horizon 3 concepts with emerging technologies.

2020 — 2022

Leading the design function for product discovery, design and delivery of the Involve XR platform solutions. I work closely with end users, SME partners, engineering and PMs to understand user needs, learning efficacy and ensure feature concepts and improvements are optimized for next generation XR modalities and beyond.

My passion is facilitating best practices for upfront rapid prototyping and experimentation for designing the future of immersive learning and translating them to innovative & impactful product features.

2017 — 2020
Toronto, Canada

Currently working on designing and developing
delightful digital, AR, VR & product experiences
for a variety of industries ranging from cannabis,
educational, industrial to medical applications and

2019 — 2019
Toronto, Canada

Facilitated fun and hands-on ways to learn about
Augmented Reality technology offered at the library’s
Digital Innovation Hubs. Taught the basics of AR
technology and how to create your own AR experiences with a variety of 30+ programs and classes at North
York Central Library reaching over 400+ patrons over
10 weeks.

2015 — 2017
Freelance Graphic & Web Designer at Freelance Inc.
2016 — 2016

Worked with the Heart & Stroke foundation to develop a
comprehensive on-boarding process for an omni-channel health and wellness program for adults 55+ at risk of hypertension. Performed user research and engaged 60+ stakeholders , designed visual/brand assets, and developed digital prototypes for the digital health platform.


2013 — 2017
Kingston, Canada

Computing & Creative Arts BAH Art History Specialization

Principal’s Scholarship 2013-14
Dean’s Honour List with Distinction 2013-14
Harold & Helen Cave Scholarship 2015-16

2017 — 2017

Intensive design courses at CIID summer school in
Interaction Design Basics, Designing Connected
Products, Designing Connected Spaces, Designing
Impactful Digital Experiences


Side Projects


An AR Murder Mystery Game


A WebVR Storyboarding Tool

Toronto Doors Open at Toronto Media Arts Center



Introducing Freemixr - the ultimate spatial songverse editor for the next generation of immersive creators. Freemixr lets you create stunning visual experiences in real-time, synced perfectly to your music with a clap of your hands!


A 360 WebXR Storyboarding tool for XR designers and concept artists.

Prezence VR 2nd Place from FB Oculus Hackathon

A VR tele-presence platform


Women in Next Reality at XR Meetup
Boston, USA
Speaker Social at Dames Making Games Meetup
Toronto, Canada
Women in Tech Panel at Facebook Developer Circle
Toronto, Canada
Mindbending Adventures of AR/VR at Women Who Code
Toronto, Canada