Robert Vidaure

Robert Vidaure

Creative Director & Designer in California

Work Experience

2018 — Now
San Bernardino, CA

General Plan Co. is a branding and digital marketing firm that helps cities, development agencies, and civic organizations build better connected communities. As Chief Creative Officer, I oversee all visual creative and strategic marketing within the firm as well as network and contract local creative talent.

2016 — Now
Redlands, CA

A community-driven coworking space for entrepreneurs, creative professionals, and startups of the Inland Empire. We offer 1,OOO square feet of open creative space to individuals in pursuit of their professional endeavors. As Chief Operations Officer, I manage member onboarding, community and programming development, and general marketing.

2013 — Now
Claremont, CA

Responsible for advancing the College's mission and strategic vision by leading the creative team responsible for all print, web, and other visual products that brand and promote the College. Serves as lead graphic designer in developing and managing the visual identity of the College. Plans, designs, produces and manages production – internally and through outside vendors – of a variety of projects originating from all campus departments.

2006 — 2013
Fontana, CA

Redesigned quarterly recreational brochure. Designed magazine ads, bus stop ads, wall banners, promotional flyers, and logos for community events and programs. Standardized city community services logo for all corporate communication media. Host and coordinate monthly graphic design department meetings.


2006 — 2010
Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design at The Art Institute
San Bernardino, CA



Coworking spaces are ideal work environments for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and other independent workers looking to thrive and build a professional community. The Orange Space provides space where you can stay productive and collaborate with other like-minded professionals so you can be inspired to create.

Over the past 7 years, The Orange Space has had over 300 coworking members and hosted over 150 workshops and events. It has served as a collaborative hub for the tech, design, and creative professional community in the Inland Empire.


The Inland Empire Design Club is a group dedicated to bringing together designers from all disciplines to connect, inspire, and grow together. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, our meetups offer a supportive environment to share ideas, showcase your work, and learn from other designers.


The Office of Admission at Harvey Mudd College sends recruitment materials to over 30,000 top STEM students each year. Converting these top students from interested to applicant is the goal of various promotional strategies prepared in collaboration with the Office of Communications and Marketing.

The HMC admission microsite contributed to a record number of applications for admission—a nearly 40% increase—from the most diverse applicant pool in the College’s history. The admission staff saw increases in applications from women (up 42%), Hispanic/LatinX students (up almost 50%) and African American/Black students (up 79%).

See the full site at


The Campaign for Harvey Mudd College demonstrates our commitment to deliver on the six themes of the College’s 2006 strategic vision: innovation, leadership and impact; experiential and interdisciplinary learning; excellence and diversity at all levels; nurturing and developing the whole person; global engagement and informed contributions to society; and improvement of infrastructure and resources.

• 11 Endowed Professorships
• $3.4 Million For Innovation & Curricular Development
• $14.4 Millon to Experiential Learning
• $2.7 Million for Community Engagement Efforts
• $3.4 Million for President's Scholars Program
• 75 Endowed Scholarships Created
• $3.3 Million to Benefit Students
• $175,177,135 Total Raised



Foundational concepts in UX design, such as user-centered design, the design process, accessibility, and equity-focused design.

Certified Digital Marketing Associate from Meta

The Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associate credential is awarded to digital marketers who have foundational proficiency in the skills, tools, advertising policies and best practices required to buy ads on the Facebook App, Instagram and Messenger.