Anton Repponen

Anton Repponen

Designer in New York


Originally from Estonia; I am a New York based interaction designer with background in architecture. My career spans over 20+ years in the industry building products, digital experiences, brands and simply fun and engaging things people love to use.

For over 8 years I served as a creative director at Fantasy Interactive living in Stockholm, Sweden and New York City. Since 2014 I create things at Anton & Irene studio which I co-founded in Brooklyn with Irene Pereyra. I’ve spoken at over 80 conferences around the world as well as teach on a regular basis at Harbour Space university in Barcelona, Spain.





The new digital home for Hong Kong’s newest museum had to appeal to both global, as well as local audiences. And when the pandemic hit in the middle of the project, its virtual presence became more important than ever before.

If you put all museum websites side by side, they look predictable and unexciting: a white box with black text. We wanted to create something that would not only stand apart, but also represented Hong Kong’s visual culture.

Since Hong Kong functions as a bilingual city and signage is always in English and Chinese, we wanted the website to reflect that as well. Rather than having visitors switch languages in some utility menu, we put Hong Kong’s bilingual nature center stage.


We were commissioned to create some clock faces for Google’s latest in home device, after the creative lead at Google saw our self-produced NU:RO watch.

A screen in the house that is always on, is not a computer, it’s a piece of decoration that is connected to the Internet. And decoration is a tricky thing. It’s very personal. It’s a reflection of who we are and what we like to surround ourselves with.


Commissioned by IKEA/SPACE10 after seeing our interactive documentary ONE SHARED HOUSE, ONE SHARED HOUSE 2030 is a playful research project that aims to get insights on the future of co-living through a collaborative survey.

The website is basically a form disguised as a game. We hid 21 questions behind colorless shapes that would reveal the question on click or tap. Kind of like an advent calendar. As soon as a question was answered, we’d show the user how their answer stands in relation to everyone else, and the shape would get a color. It was the highest conversion rate we’ve ever had on any form ever.


When the British artist Shantell Martin reached out in need of a new brand and website, we spent quite a bit of time discussing how we can best represent her online. Since we knew from looking at the analytics of her current website that the highest number of people start exploring her website through her homepage, we focused most of our attention there.

And in order to stop people in their tracks, we thought of her homepage not as a homepage, but as a movie poster. Or a book cover. Or packaging. Things that are deliberately designed to draw attention. The project was hugely successful and won numerous industry awards.

Side Projects


Did you know that in Barcelona, only 8% of streets and public spaces are named after women? Sadly, this is not uncommon as worldwide, only about 10% of streets and public spaces are named after women. Anton & Irene’s latest project asks the public to vote on how we can distribute street names more fairly.


x100 — the app that counts. x100 helps you keep track of your reps during workouts. No need to count reps in your head anymore, let us do it for you. Relax, enjoy your workout music, watch the news or listen to an audiobook while x100 does the counting. We are not here to motivate you, inspire you or improve your form. We just help you by taking care of one simple task, making your workout easier and more fun.


Blindsight is a short film created by a collaborative group of designers and artists, and directed by Danil Krivoruchko. the film is based on the eponymous sci-fi novel by peter watts.

The idea for the site is somewhat inspired by the book as well—an interactive collection of logged memories of people who worked on the short and their correspondence with the writer. Each memory is presented in a near-future interface full of videos, images, files, screenshots, messages, etc each describing the detailed process of creating all the visuals.

Work Experience

2014 — Now
2006 — 2014
New York, USA / Stockholm, Sweden
2005 — 2006
Designer at Entity Studio
Tallinn, Estonia
2004 — 2005
Designer at Jippii
Tallinn, Estonia


2002 — 2005
Faculty of Architecture at Tallinn College of Engineering
Tallinn, Estonia