Remy van der Winden

Remy van der Winden

Motion designer from NL in Breda, He/Him

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16 days ago


Motion Designer working at Noeste IJver. Also very into comics, film and other things.



After years of fiddling around in WordPress, I decided to rebuild my website from the ground up in Framer. Now I finally have a space online to showcase some of my work and share a bit more about myself and my interests.


An animation I made while working for Noeste IJver. The animation is for a housing corporation called Zayaz. Done in collaberation with a different company who realised the interactivity. Illustrations, animation and design by us.


Side Projects


New year, new me. An animation I made in the first week of January. Sometimes we enter a new year full of hope and immediately get setbacks thrown our way. This is a fun animation to showcase that.


Work Experience

2016 — Now

Started there as a graphic designer and have been doing animation work as well from 2019 and onwards.

2016 — 2016
Junior graphic designer at B-Total Strategic Communications

After my second internship at Ontwerp van morgen, I started working here for 2 days a week. The other 3 days I worked at Ontwerp van morgen.

2016 — 2016
Junior graphic designer at Ontwerp van morgen

Started working here as a junior graphic designer after my internship there. I worked here 3 days in the week. The company eventually merged with others to form Noeste IJver.

2015 — 2015
Graphic design internship at Ontwerp van morgen

I had my second internship here and started working here after my graduation.

2015 — 2015
Graphic design internship at B-Total Strategic Communications

I had my first internship here. I did mostly DTP work.


2012 — 2016

It was a 4-year study which also offered a masterclass in the final year if you got selected. I graduated in the masterclass.

2009 — 2010

When I graduated high school I was 16 and too young to join the military (you need to be 17 at least). This 1 year education is meant to bridge that year.

2005 — 2009
High school at Het Goese Lyceum