JunHaeng Lee

JunHaeng Lee

Software Engineer in Seoul, They/them


Software engineer with 16+ years of work experience in backend, frontend (web/mobile) development
technical writer with 10+ years



Work Experience

2021 — 2022
Seoul, Korea

As team leader of music dev team, led the dev team and developed the following products.

  • Content management system for music streaming service
  • Network architecture for importing music resources from partner distributors
2020 — 2021
Seoul, Korea

As tech lead, led the dev team and developed two products.

  • mago.works, Content publishing platform CMS project for asian media publisher
  • bloom, Online donation platform for Korean media publisher
2016 — 2020
Seoul, Korea

As co-founder, CTO, developed the following products.

  • Content management system for vertical pay-walled media
  • Rich-format WYSIWYG web editor for media publisher
  • Webtoon content management system
  • Slack chatbot for content publishing and corporate indicator analysis
  • Interactive content builder, chart builder like thepin.ch/numbers
  • Event ticketing system like Eventbrite
  • Newsletter management system with Mailchimp
  • Subscription billing management system with credit card and in-app purchase
2015 — 2015
London, UK

As lead developer, developed the following products.

  • Content management system for journalist
  • Donation/funding payment system with Stripe
  • Managed outsourcing developers
2013 — 2015
Seoul, Korea

As software engineer, developed the following products.

  • ilwar.com (2013 ~ 2015)
    Web forum service, 300,000 DAU
  • indistreet.com (2013 ~ 2015)
    Gig guide service which provides news and 
show schedules of indie musicians of Korea
  • boooki.com (2013 ~ 2015)
    Web service for keeping personal book records
  • news.coroke.net (2013)
    News curation service from independent media in Korea
    with server made by raspberry pi
2011 — 2012
Seoul, Korea
  • Developed PaaS service like Heroku, Vercel
  • Developed social comments plugin like Disqus
  • Developed mobile messenger for k-pop fans like Weverse.
2010 — 2011
Seongnam, Korea
  • Developed web-frontend performance optimizing guideline
  • Developed outsourced code quality verification system
2007 — 2008
Seongnam, Korea

openmaru studio
As product manager knows software engineering, made following products.

Side Projects


Forum services that mimic 1980s VT networks, such as Compuserve or NIFTY-Serve, on the web browser.


writersclub is an online publishing platform where you can only write plain text without images, videos.