Raghu Nayyar

Raghu Nayyar

Product Designer in Stockholm, He/Him


Raghu Nayyar is a Stockholm-based Product Designer specializing in bringing simplicity to technologically challenging product experiences and help them stand the test of time.

Clocking over 7+ years of hands of experience, he is a strong believer in using rich prototyping as a way to solve complex technical and business problems.

Work Experience

2021 — Now
Stockholm, Sweden
2018 — 2021
2016 — 2016
2015 — 2016
2013 — 2014



As a designer for the core product area, Raghu is responsible for the entirety of the presentation editor experience. His product team is responsible for some of the key retention-specific features across our free and paid offerings.

His responsibilities include being involved in several key initiatives that often dive far into the future and help validate some of the company's strategic bets.

He is a mentor and ally to other designers, especially when it comes to design prototyping as well design/developer relations.


During summer 2020, Epidemic Sound refreshed its brand identity to suit its refined purpose.

Raghu led the efforts from the UX prototyping standpoint that allowed his team to take quick decisions early in the creative process.

Future-proofing music production to help manage the entire music catalogue of 30.000+ sounds at Epidemic Sound

Raghu led design for Kosmos, a product his team built ground up, to help scale and manage their music platform of 30000+ tracks and help find the right music that storytellers would want to use to soundtrack their videos.

This product forms the backbone of Epidemic Sound's customer-facing platform as well as data infrastructure.


Raghu helped ship the first BrowserStack re-design with an entirely new user experience for all our product offerings.

Side Projects


Designed and developed a Calendar application with angular 1.6 on the front-end Nextcloud as a DAV backend. I co-maintained the repository with over 150 stars and 30 active contributors for over 3 years after the project ended.


Helped design a common design language and incorporate it in the core applications like Files, App Management and User Management for the open-source project Nextcloud