Matt Pringle

Matt Pringle

Principal Product Designer in Connecticut


Hey there, I'm Matt Pringle, a designer who's not cool enough to talk about himself in the third person. Over the course of my career, I have had the opportunity to work with some of the world's leading brands, products, and startups. My particular areas of expertise include digital experience, user experience, and brand experience across a range of design forms, including product, branding, and website design. I love helping companies in going from zero to one.



Bento, ONE's design system, was created to meet high standards of user experience and visual appeal while maintaining consistency and speed. The name "Bento" was chosen for the system's modularity and flexibility of components. It has enabled the team to create stunning designs quickly and easily, allowing more focus on the creative process.


In the latter part of 2021 we were looking to bring multiple product features to the forefront of ONE in a way that presented relevant and timely content to each user. We wanted this to be a dashboard for your financial life that would update everyday and help users feel that they were in control of their money.

Work Experience

2021 — Now
2011 — 2021