Rakesh Kumar

Rakesh Kumar

If you focus your education or career on becoming good at one thing - to be known for it, to become famous for it - then no one is going to hire you unless they are in desperate need of that one thing. That’s a fact.

A year ago

With more than 15 Years of experience on designing and developing interactive works for some of the acclaimed digital products and service industries. Successfully delivered & managed more than 30+ digital projects ranging from web & mobile apps, CRM platforms, CMS based corporate and e-commerce ( b2b ) portals from the beginning to end.

Usually, I join a project at the very beginning or the moment help is needed the most. It doesn’t matter if I start from scratch or have a working solution to support. Always with a motto to build a strong product as a mixture of design, technology, strategy, research and deep understanding of the underlying process.

Work Experience

2019 — Now

Design community product experience which has the unique challenges of having small budgets, limited resources, and a unique organization culture to navigate.

  • Address real-world situations that produce friction, dissatisfy and leave important work undone.
  • How to be as efficient as possible when working or volunteering with nonprofits.
  • Empathy and journey maps to break assumptions about the donation program experience.
2022 — Now
  • Mentor for individuals within the department.
  • Manage human centered design initiatives on internal venture teams and for external partners.
  • Create a consistent pulse of design thinking development trends, resources, and practices.
2012 — 2020

Provided the creative focus and user experience strategy that drives the Company. Channel business development, advertising operations, application development and editorial into user centered designs that support product discovery, purchase and use.

Managed multidisciplinary team with remote members on simultaneous large projects, smartly deploying limited resources to meet critical goals.


2013 — Now

Focused on conducting activities and clean up of the mess that has been accumulated on all the places primarily the Foothills of Himalayas.

  • Organise special activities
  • Mass clean-ups and events in the community and schools.
  • Create the awareness level of the society towards restoring the environment.
2014 — 2015

Annual Report 2014 - As a whiteboard doodler, I tried to adopt several practices on web design and marketing trends that are ingrained in the nonprofit design process.

  • Involved them through participatory design.
  • Finding actionable insights is the challenge.
2013 — 2014

Annual Report 2013 - As user experience designer, I wanted to invest my efforts in addressing real-world situations that otherwise produce friction, dissatisfy and leave important work undone.

  • Addressing the most meaningful wicked problems.
  • Target most vulnerable populations who have less access to common services and products
  • Find problems that need attention for chronically underserved.



Partnered with Oculus, a web-based 3D editing and prototyping tool with visual scripting to create and share React VR experiences on the web and social media.


Voice led artificial intelligence application for speech pathologists to diagnose speech problems when a child uses their voice as the primary means of interacting.


Enterprise application framework for container shipping companies to put their assets to proper use and to be able to execute the business in cost effective manner.


Cyber security management system to provide comprehensive and proven solution suites to protect connected cars and commercial vehicles against cyber attacks.


Reveal meaningful connections between what users are actually interested in, so that over-the-top (OTT) media watching is time well spent.


Design System for an augmented reality glass – streamlining tasks, removing redundancies in the process, encouraging communication and collaboration.


Experimental project to create Free API that uses machine learning to identify toxic comments, making it easier to host better conversations online.

Excellence Award from SITPL