Paul Hanaoka

Paul Hanaoka

Designer in the PNW

Work Experience

2022 — 2024

Leading a business unit of 40+ designers, working with the executive team to set strategic goals, and supporting leaders in Communication Design, Product Design, and Design Operations.

2021 — 2022

As Principal Designer, I continued to manage Product Design teams, while establishing and leading our Design Ops function.

One of my key contributions was setting the vision for a new version our Design System, rethinking how a design system can add value beyond a product organization and becoming a key value prop for enterprise customers.

2019 — 2021
Diamond Bar, CA / Remote

After working with Liferay’s first Director of Design to establish design as a standalone business unit, I began managing internationally and helped grow and lead other managers.

2017 — 2019
Diamond Bar, CA

After spending 3 years gaining a deep understanding of our product and customers in my role as Web Designer, I moved to a product team tasked with developing an MVP for an entirely new product line. I also grew the UX team based in our LA office from 4 to 8.

2014 — 2017
Diamond Bar, CA

Liferay’s first web designer, I was hired to design and build pages to support our marketing efforts. I quickly took responsibility for all of our web properties and built a small team with 2 other designers.