Product Designer in San Francisco


Product designer, occasional writer, prev maker of greet.bot.

Work Experience

2018 — 2022
San Francisco, CA

The company developed GreetBot, a B2B SaaS application for onboarding new employees on Slack. GreetBot onboarded over 4 million people across 14,000+ organizations and was ranked #4 fastest-growing app on Slack in 2018.

  • Led a team of 3 full-stack software engineers
  • Developed the initial product concept into a fully-featured B2B solution
  • Conducted interviews with users and documented feedback
  • Planned the product roadmap and developed the pricing strategy
  • Conceptualized product features using wireframe designs
  • Designed conversational and web UI deployed in production
  • Created all written content for product pages, how-to articles, and microcopy
  • Wrote all marketing content for the company blog and social media
  • Defined and maintained the design system used across all user touchpoints
  • Was the main contributor to the HTML and Sass code base
  • Managed enterprise compliance, sales, and customer support
  • Oversaw the acquisition of the company in 2022
2020 — 2022
San Francisco, CA
  • Established a formal design system at a time of rapid growth for the company
  • Formalized the use of typography, color, layout grid, and component library
  • Collaborated with the PM and Eng partners on the designs of new features
  • Designed the initial version of the company’s first iOS app
2017 — 2020
Redwood City, CA
  • Fully redesigned the company’s core product, the web-based photo book editor
  • Presented proposed solutions to product team and company leadership
  • Helped establish a new design system and visual identity
  • Updated the company’s e-commerce pages, including storefront and checkout
2016 — 2017
San Francisco, CA
  • Worked with the PM to translate public sector user requirements into wireframe and visual designs for implementation by the engineering team
  • Designed the initial version of the company’s consumer-facing iOS app

Side Projects


Framework for naming calendar events.


Framework for naming static files in product design.


Wireframe component library for Slack apps.


Brutalist, grid-based wireframe design system starter file.



Designing user interfaces is more like solving a Rubik’s Cube than a jigsaw puzzle.


The one thing that matters more than your new design is how you came up with it.


How startup life and the pandemic rekindled my passion for chess.


Hard work is what you will be remembered for.


Color, typography and layout pointers for indie makers, solo founders and bootstrapping startups.


How to design chatbots that people enjoy talking to.


Comparing the distinct launch strategies behind the two design apps.


2009 — 2011
MSc, Business Administration at RSM Erasmus University
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Graduated Cum Laude, specializing in Consumer Behavior and Research. Master thesis titled “Power to the People! Does Market Concentration Play a Role in the Effectiveness of Co-creation?”, June 2011.

2006 — 2009
BA, Business Management at Univeristy of Westminster
London, UK

Electives in Social Psychology and Consumer Behavior for Marketing.