Piet Terheyden

Piet Terheyden


I design and build things.



I’m the co-founder of Literal, where we work on solving books on the internet. It’s a place to discover books, share the most impactful moments of your reading and get a window into what moves the people you care about.


I helped start and am an advisor to The Flying Dutchman, where in 2020 we also launched Herbal Care, a brand dedicated to organic, European-produced CBD products.


I co-founded a social travel platform to create a solution to better travel recommendations. Among other things, we developed the beta of an iPhone app, threw a launch event for beta users and had partnerships with different journalists and travel bloggers. We stopped work end of 2019.


In 2016 I co-founded Space9 with a friend, offering a simple all-round service for VR-tours, from planning the shoot over post production to a hosted & customized online experience.


I co-founded Sherpa Healthcare, a digital health record system for doctors and patients, that we eventually ended in 2018.

Munchies Club

Together with two friends I ran a small streetwear brand, publishing a collection once a year 2016 - 2020. You were able to purchase online and in our partner store in Berlin.

Side Projects


With the new option to customize the homescreen of iPhones, I of course had to create my own icon set. This quickly evolved into a full-fledged solution that makes it easy to use the icons for other design projects.


A simple link list and newsletter to share my favorite articles, videos or random bits I found on the internet.


Since 2013 I’m running and curating the Minimal Gallery, an online gallery to showcase the best web design. What started as a way for me to save personal inspiration grew to a well-known web design gallery.

Work Experience

2010 — 2020
Freelance work

I've had the pleasure to work with clients in many different fields, from small to big. I designed everything from websites to apps, developed and prototyped concepts, coded landing pages or shops or did creative- and art direction for brands.